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Walking the walk: From Curl Curl to Freshwater

by Silke Elzner


When you live in Sydney’s north and the Bondi to Coogee walk is too far away for a spontaneous walk, or if you are only looking for a short commitment of under an hour, then check out the boardwalk that connects North Curl Curl with Freshwater beach.

The boardwalk is right near the water, built on top of the rock outcrops and is really easy to master. In fact, it is perfect for the whole family, and big parts of the overall walk is wheel-chair accessible.South Curl Curl Rock Pool

Kids on Curl Curl Boardwalk

The scenery is picturesque. You can start at many points but it is recommended you start already at the corner of Griff and Pitt Roads and head across the lagoon towards the beach. We didn’t do that, however, our trip started at the end of South Curl Curl beach where there was also plenty of parking on this sunny winter afternoon. From here you have fantastic views across the rock pool and onto the beach which is popular with paddle boarders, swimmers and even snorkelers.

Curl Curl walk

Northern Beaches

The boardwalk is fairly new and in great condition. There are no obstacles that you would need to worry about, and thanks to its position right on top of the rocks you feel really close to nature. There is so much to see here!

Starting from the beautiful coastal views and the multi-coloured rocks, to wildlife like sea birds, crabs and – if you are lucky – dolphins, it never seems to get boring. Plus, if you are a lover of plants and flowers, the boardwalk is bordered by a wide selection of native coastal plants. In fact, there is such a variety of interesting species that I believe they have been planted or reinstated when the boardwalk was first build.




Stairs connecting the pathway with the boardwalk

Views to the south

Typical flower on the Northern Beaches Sydney

But it doesn’t really matter – for as long as it can now be enjoyed for free by the general public. The boardwalk ends at the headland next to Harbord Diggers (at McKillop Park) with a view of both Freshwater and Manly beach. From here you can choose to walk even further by taking the steps down to Freshwater rock pool. Since we didn’t want to put the kids off from any future family walks we decided against it but I have no doubt that this could be a great extension to our walk.

Nature taking over

Rocks and pools

Rock formations

Native grass

Purple wild flower

View of Manly

Give this walk a try next time you are in the area. The views are great, and we found the pace and people calmer, more homely and somewhat relaxed, unlike along the busy Eastern beaches which on most days are buzzing with both tourists and locals.

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