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See you later, alligator – not for a while, crocodile!

by Silke Elzner

Today I will hop on a plane and do exactly what I love doing best – I will travel!

It’s been a long while (in my world) since I have last been on a plane to anywhere, so you can imagine that I am super excited and can’t wait to get back on the road.

This four-week trip mirrors a little bit of what I was up to last year. Since I have children my way of travelling – compact, strenuous, investigative – is not easy to realise, unless you can dump the kids somewhere in a safe place.

Last year, we left the children with their extended family in Germany for a while to go on a tour around Europe. From Paris to Venice and then on a cruise around the Mediterranean. You will find lots of stories and photos of last year’s trip on the blog.

Since this worked out perfectly and kept everybody happy – grandma could spend time with the kids, the kids could spend time immersed in the other half of their cultural background, and we parents could spend time together without the children – we are doing the same thing again.

Same but different, I might say.

Tonight we will go on a plane to Germany to “park” the kids, and then on Monday we will continue on to Rome where we will board a Celebrity cruise ship. This ship will take us to some of the most beautiful and most interesting coastal destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean – think Santorini, Athens, Bodrum. We are very excited to explore all of these destinations in depth, just like we did last year with Venice, Kotor, DubrovniMalta, to name but a few.

But I am not done yet.

After the cruise I will also fly to London to meet my very good friend of 17 (!) years, Coralie (Tea Time in Wonderland). She is a fellow travel writer, extremely talented not just with words but also with photography. We plan a girlicious road trip around Scotland, a week-long journey that we hope will take us to castles, gardens, lochs, distilleries and lots more.

Since we are both seasoned travellers I am confident you can expect some wonderful and inspirational travel stories from that trip.

What this means for the blog, however, is that I will be too busy with travelling to post stories for a while. You will probably hear back from me in early August with fresh stories and beautiful photos.

In the meantime, please do make sure you follow my shenanigans on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram being the best channels to reach me at – I am an avid travel photographer and the pictures alone should take you on an inspiring journey with me.


The rotten bridge in Rome