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Romantic Ideas for Palawan

by Silke Elzner

They say that if you are in love, the place is not important as long as you are with someone you love. The truth is, nothing beats being with someone you love in a perfect place…a place like Palawan. 

Palawan, often referred to as the Philippines’ Last Frontier is also one of the best destinations for romantic getaways. Couples and newly-weds can share their most intimate moments together at some of the most enthralling beach destinations in the country.

Palawan province is the biggest in terms of land area in the Philippines and as such, it has plenty of natural elements that can entice even the most meticulous lovebirds. 

There are many fancy and world-class resorts and hotels with sophisticated amenities, there are caves to explore, underwater life to discover, plenty of options for fun-filled nature trips and out-of-this-world expeditions. Read here about some of the great things you can do in El Nido, for example.

Honeymooners will enjoy the seclusion and privacy offered by many resorts and hotels with impeccable service. If you are looking for some romance, Palawan is the place to be. Here are some romantic ideas for your Palawan escapade. 

Watch fireflies on a couple’s kayak in Puerto Princesa

Depending on the season, firefly watching can be one of the most magical moments in your Puerto Princesa excursion as a couple. Instead of going with a group in a paddle boat, use a couple’s kayak instead and paddle your way into the mangroves to watch the fireflies. You can have the time of your own and after which, you can have dinner served by the staff of the park. 

Savor the taste of local sweets at Baker’s Hill

Nothing is as sweet as when you share a delectable pastry while sitting in a beautiful garden surrounded with shrubs and flowers. Good food combined with good company is always a treat in itself. After sharing the sweet pastry, stroll hand in hand along the big square and enjoy the views.

Marvel at the picturesque rock formations inside the underground cave system in Puerto Princess

Cave exploration may not be romantic for a lot of people. It is dark, humid and cold. However, as a couple, you can enjoy the beautiful views on the way to the cave from Sabang.

You can also stroll together inside the national park where you can see monkeys and other reptiles. After the cave exploration, you can also go for a little swim as the beach in the area is also good for swimming. Inside the cave, while on a boat, marvel at the beautiful rock formations where your imagination can be as creative as can be.

Gaze at the starry night while lying on a beach anywhere in Palawan

There are numerous fantastic beaches in Palawan. So many options to choose from where one is as beautiful as the other. Still, the most popular ones are in El Nido.

It would be nice to find a quiet and dark spot where you can have the best views of the night sky. You can also rent a tent or just lie on a beach towel or if you feel like being less artsy, just lie on the beach and feel the sand and look at the stars with your loved one.

You can talk the night away while gazing at the beautiful night sky while listening to some nice love songs in the background.

Share a private and romantic dinner by the beach

This is especially recommended for honeymooners. Resorts and hotels offer private dinner by the beach and their staff would be more than happy to arrange everything for you complete with candle lighting, romantic table setting, and a band to serenade both of you while eating.

It definitely gives you that special feeling of being one with nature alone with your loved one. You can have wine while enjoying the sands at your feet. The sound of the waves also adds to the romantic ambiance.

Splurge on fancy and romantic Private Island Resorts

As a couple celebrating something special like a honeymoon or wedding anniversary or even a planned proposal, staying in some of the best resorts in Palawan really helps in keeping the intimate moments perfect. Not only do you have the best views, you can also enjoy the best amenities on the island plus the most important guarantee of privacy and seclusion

El Nido Resorts offer accommodations located on private islands with individual cottages on stilts. Some cottages have direct water access so you can jump into the sea right from your doorstep.

Huma Island Resort in Coron is very similar to El Nido Resorts as it also gives that romantic Maldivian feel but Huma is more on a higher level in terms of room amenities as you can have your own private Jacuzzi and dipping pool right at your balcony. These resorts tend to be quite expensive, so it’s better to look for special deals through local travel agents.

Explore Honda Bay and do some Island Hopping in El Nido

Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa is a common part of the day tours. If you are lucky, you can spot dolphins and whales but Honda Bay is really all about the islands. You can hop from one island to the next and just enjoy the beautiful white sands.

You can snorkel and for lunch, you can buy fresh seafood and fish from the fishermen and your boatman will gladly grill it for you. If you have no time to go to Puerto Princesa, you can explore different islands in El Nido or Coron. The towering limestone cliffs are really spectacular and you can find your own secret beach.

Snorkel or Dive in El Nido or Coron

If you and your partner are both into extreme water adventure, try shipwreck diving in Coron. There, you will find dozens of Japanese naval shipwrecks so close to each other at the bottom of the sea.

Not only can you experience an out-of-this-world beauty, you can also marvel at the healthy marine life. Both Coron and El Nido boast of clearest waters so snorkelling is also one of the best and most enjoyable activities on the island.

You can snorkel at the big and small lagoons or in Kayangan Lake or you can opt to do it in one of the many islands scattered in the Bacuit Bay like the Pandan and Malcapuya Islands where you can find amazing corals and a plethora of marine species

Watch the sunset by the beach, on a boat or at your balcony

Wherever you are in Palawan, as long as you have the sea in front of you, you can always enjoy the most-awaited sunset.

There is nothing more romantic than watching a beautiful sunset with your loved one either on a boat, at your balcony or simply by the beach while sipping your favourite wine. Some resorts offer sunset cruises so if you happen to stay in one of these resorts, don’t miss out on it.

Enjoy a bonfire and/or a massage on the beach

Couples need ultimate relaxation. There is nothing more relaxing than indulging in a holistic spa on the beach. The smell of aromatic oils and the feel of different pampering massages really soothe the senses.

Another romantic option would be a bonfire by the beach. You can sing together, share stories of each other, join other people and meet new friends, grill some cheese or marshmallows or dance the night away.

Whatever you choose to do, the ambiance of a bonfire is nothing short of romantic.