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Frankenberg/Eder: Romantic Getaway in the Heart of Germany

by Silke Elzner

Who doesn’t like the idea of romantic getaways? With my 40th birthday fast approaching, my dear husband asked me about my plans for the day. “A week without the kids”, was my immediate response. I do love my kids dearly, but what a treat not having to look after them for a while. Luckily, it was easily done, as my birthday coincided with the Easter holidays and we were able to pursuade grandma to look after the children for a week.

While I was already mentally packing the suitcases for our trip to Germany, I was wondering where we could stay for a week for a romantic break for two. Instead of going for a particular location (other than the destination not being too far away from the kids’ grandma) I opted for a special hotel to stay. I wanted romance, wellness and good food. A brief internet search soon pointed me to Hotel Die Sonne in the small town of Frankenberg in the heart of Germany.

Castles, timber-frame houses and Michelin-starred food – this is what my romantic getaway would eventually look like. What is not to love?

Cheers - here's to me and my 40th birthday!

Cheers – here’s to me and my 40th birthday!

Hotel Die Sonne Falkenberg: A Perfect Choice for Romantic Getaways

Die Sonne Hotel is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing luxury stay in the heart of Germany. This is reflected in the great reviews that you can find about the hotel on the internet. Check out for example what people think about Hotel Die Sonne on TripAdvisor – I don’t think that there would be many hotels that could be praised more. (Please note, that this is an affiliate link which may grant me a small commission if you use it).

The hotel is spread out over three buildings around the historic market square of Frankenberg. Right next door you can see the famous town hall with its ten towers and glockenspiel. There is a spa in the house which is great if the weather isn’t perfect or if you like to book yourself in for a pampering massage. But what made the hotel even more interesting for me was the fact that you could find Restauarant Philipp Soldan in the basement – a first-class restaurant with a one Michelin star recognition.

It goes without saying that we were treated like royality at this hotel. The room (a junior suite) was big, the bathroom comfortable, the views fantastic. In the morning, we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast buffet which ranks among the best German breakfast buffets I’ve ever seen. It included locally produced sausages and cheese, homemade jams, sparkling wine, freshly prepared eggs and lots more. A welcome card on the breakfast table would provide us with daily weather updates and offer suggestions for daytrips in the area. In the evening, the room was turned down by a lovely housekeeping lady.

Easter preparations in Frankenberg/Eder.

Easter preparations in Frankenberg/Eder.

Medieval Charme: Frankenberg in the Heart of Germany

To be honest, initially we didn’t really care about the location of the luxury hotel for our romantic getaway. But this doesn’t mean that the location wasn’t great. Die Sonne is located right in the cente of Frankenberg an der Eder in Hesse. It’s a picturesque town of cobblestone streets and timber-frame houses. Famous for its historic town hall, there is also a medieval church that you can explore. On many houses we found signs explaining the significance of the building in front of us.

Besides the historic appeal, Frankenberg offered just the right amount of great bars, restaurants and shops to keep us entertained at night. We can particularly recommend cocktail bar Gironimo, Indian restaurant Indien King, and Italian restaurant Bellavista.

Since we are explorers by nature, we also loved the fact that there were so many great things to discover in the surroundings.

Quaint towns and villages like Gudensberg are the rule in this part of Germany.

Quaint towns and villages like Gudensberg are the rule in this part of Germany.

Romantic Day Trips in the Heart of Germany: Timber-Frame Towns, Castles and Medieval Ruins

We hit the road every single day while we were staying in Frankenberg, simply because there was so much to explore nearby. The landscape here is predominantly rural, with dark forests, rolling hills and lots of outdoor activities. If you like this romantic side of Germany then Hesse and the area around Frankenberg is your place of choice.

Our first trip took us to Lake Edersee, one of the biggest reservoirs in Germany. Here you can find one of the last original birk wood forests in Europe, now listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. We visited the little town of Bad Wildungen where we found some of the wonkiest timber-frame houses in the area, all lovingly restored and with handwritten messages on the frames about the original owners and builders. Just next door, Friedrichstein Castle afforded us with great views of the surrounded and invited us to learn more about regional military history in its interesting museum.

Romantic Views of Bad Wildungen from the nearby castle.

Romantic Views of Bad Wildungen from the nearby castle.

There are lots of castles in the area, and we managed to visit quite a few. Just a couple of kilometres further, we enjoyed panorama views of Lake Edersee while lunching behind the big glass windows of Waldeck Castle.

Weidelsburg Castle is now in ruins but there is still enough to look at in this hilltop castle to get a good understanding of the importance of the site during the Middle Ages. Obernburg Castle was another hilltop castle that we visited but this one was almost completely gone. It is located in the small town of Gudensberg which surprised us with a wonderful open-air art gallery on the grounds of the former cemetery just outside the city walls.

On our day trips, we also made sure we visited the cities of Kassel and Marburg. Since there were so many great things to see here, I will write about our experiences in separate posts.

Our starters selection at Philipp Soldan restaurant.

Our starters selection at Philipp Soldan restaurant.

An Unforgettable Birthday Dinner at Philipp Soldan Restaurant

Highlight of our stay in Frankenberg, Germany was our dinner date at Philipp Soldan Restaurant. Luckily for us, the restaurant was located in the vaulted cellar of our hotel, so that we could easily get back to our room after the feast.

And feast was the right word for this wonderful culinary experience. Philipp Soldan serves haute-cuisine food which takes you on a culinary journey. It took us three hours and a bit just to eat ourselves through the menu.

Before dinner started, the hostess invited us to join the team in the preparation kitchen. Snacking on little hors d’oevres and sipping aperitifs, we could watch the team prepare the plates using pincers and squeeze bottles. Delicate work that required an incredible amount of patience and a steady hand.

Just one of the many excellent dishes that we were served at Phillip Soldan Restaurant.

Just one of the many excellent dishes that we were served at Phillip Soldan Restaurant.

We chose from two different menus and opted for one each. Each of the dishes – up to ten in total – was a carefully composed masterpiece. A work of art, combining a variety of ingredients with textures that were ranging from foamy to crunchy.

When the waitress presented us with a tray of handmade pralines at the end we simply had to fold. We were so stuffed, all we could do was try the eggnogg – it was Easter, after all.

We could definitely get used to romantic getaways like this!

We could definitely get used to romantic getaways like this!

An Unforgettable Week in Frankenberg

Our week in Frankenberg went fast. Did I miss my kids? Yes, a little bit. We returned to grandma’s house to pick them up, now with more kilos on our hips but also with a deep sense of relaxation and bucket loads of new experiences. We had a fantastic time in Germany and cannot recommend it more!

If you would like to look into booking Hotel Die Sonne for your romantic trip as well, please consider booking via this link to our affiliate partner Booking.com. This is at no extra cost to you but grants us a small commission for the referral. If you require further info about the region, please feel free to get in touch.

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