Review: Hotel Crayon, Paris

by Silke Elzner


Sometimes you look for something a bit more special, not just a hotel that would be comfortable and well located but also a hotel that is pleasing to the eye. The Crayon Hotel in Paris is such a place. Recommended by a fellow travel blogger, I checked out the website ( and was immediately won over thanks to the visual appeal of this Parisian hotel.

Hotel Crayon, as you will notice immediately, is all about creativity and art. It’s like as if a bunch of crazy artists were set loose on the property to create living spaces that are both comfortable and inspiring. Personally, I liked best that there were so many straight lines and plush-less surfaces, but there are also doodles on the walls and weird shaped furniture that work really well together.

But first things first.

The hotel is located not far away from its sister hotel Crayon Rouge, pretty much just around the corner from each other, each with their own reception and lobby area. The location of the hotel, as we found out during our stay in Paris, is perfect – just five minutes from the Louvre and the river Seine, and maybe ten minutes from the Notre-Dame cathedral. In fact, during our stay we never had the feeling that we actually needed to use public transport to reach the most famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Centre Pompidou or the Place de la Republique. Plenty of cafés in the area as well, so that a real French breakfast was just a couple of minutes away in the morning.

Location-wise this hotel is definitely great, but what about the rooms? First of all, let me tell you that Parisian hotels and their rooms tend to be super tiny, and with our room in the attic of the Crayon Hotel it was no different. As it turned out, to reach our room we had to take the tiny 2-person elevator up to the second last storey, then navigate through the 1-square-meter hallway to the narrow staircase and climb all the way to the top (you can imagine that this can be a bit of a challenge when you arrive with your luggage).

Our room, since it was under the roof, came with a sloped ceiling, but once you got accustomed to the overall smallness of the building in general the claustrophobic feeling soon faded away. After a couple of minutes, it actually turned out to be rather cosy. And to be honest: this is Paris – you are not exactly in this city to enjoy the generous floorpan of your room. Rather, you want to go out and discover!

The design of the room is individual, which is something I really love as you will have no idea about the design of your room until you actually walk through the door. Our blue room was painstakingly clean and came with a beautiful mirrored nightstand, a crazy silver phone and an erotic drawing on the wall. Lots of little details that will surprise you.

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Inside the room



The bathroom, while tiny, also surprised us – with a LED infused shower head. Also, let me tell you that if you decide to stay here, don’t bother with your own toiletries – the ones provided have a wonderful fragrance and transport you to places all around the world – the Malaysian body lotion is to die for! There’s also books to read in your room, if you are keen, and a bottle of water awaiting you.

Downstairs in the lobby you can enjoy a continental breakfast in the morning, and there is even an “honesty bar” where you can mix yourself a cocktail – just write down what you take and it will be billed to your room.

Hotel Crayon is a great little boutique hotel in the heart of Paris. The playful design and the friendly staff ensured that we felt at home at all times – so different from the usual, rather boring accommodation you can find elsewhere. Yes, the spaces might be a bit on the small side but the location is just perfect. For lunch or dinner, consider taking a walk all the way to the Ile-Saint-Louis – there are a number of excellent Parisian restaurants that won’t disappoint.

Erotic drawing


Framed picture

Bottled water

Free books

Honesty Bar


Tiny hallway


Breakfast area