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Final Stop: Palm Cove, Tropical Queensland

by Silke Elzner


After almost two weeks on the road for our trip through the Australian Outback from Alice Springs to Cairns we finally arrive at our last stop, the beach resort Palm Cove at Cairns’ Northern Beaches. Words cannot describe how good it felt to finally arrive after hours and hours spent on the road, in particular since we had made arrangements to stay at one of the nicest resorts in Palm Cove, the Pulman Sea Temple Resort.Palm Cover tropical garden

We had booked our accommodation via The Boutique Collection which we specifically picked before our trip started as their offering was catering for our needs perfectly. As a family of four it is not easy finding that little bit of extra luxury and enough beds to sleep everyone comfortably. After sharing a camper van for so many days, sleeping in the same closed quarters, hearing every toss and turn at night, we felt we needed a break and some privacy. And the apartment we found via The Boutique Collection fit the bill extremely well.

Pulman Sea Temple Resort

Sea Temple Gardens

Sea Temple Pool Bar

Sea Temple Lap Pool

Sea Temple Gardens

Sea Temple Resort Lobby

We knew the gorgeous Sea Temple Resort in Palm Cove from a previous visit around 10 years ago, when it first opened under different ownership. Back then I went through grief and loss and needed to get away from it all. The minute I stepped into the open-air tropical lobby of the Sea Temple I felt that healing had kicked in. Everything felt so peaceful and quiet back then, exactly how you would expect it to be in a holiday resort. The impression I got back then was so strong that I could very well remember it ten years on.

So now we felt we had to come back, and thanks to The Boutique Collection we managed to secure a two-bedroom penthouse with roof-top BBQ and spa. Quite a funny coincidence actually that we ended up in exactly the same apartment as 10 years ago, so it really felt like a home-coming.

Let me tell you why I love the Sea Temple so much. It starts with the style of the whole building – from the open lobby with the water feature in the front, to the spacious rooms and private balconies, from the luxurious dining room to the three swimming pools. I also love the idea of the swim-up rooms right next to the lagoon pool, the garden rooms that would open to the inner courtyard with the pools and the beach houses with private plunge pools.

But most of all I loved our apartment, and I was so happy and felt so blessed to be back again. In this two-bedroom apartment there is plenty of space for a family of four and it comes with all the amenities that you need for a relaxing holiday – including two bathrooms, both with bath tub, air conditioning, TV, internal laundry, balcony, roof-top spa and a BBQ. What more can you ask for?

Sea Temple room

Sea Temple balcony

Sea Temple bathroom

We spend the last three days of our tour enjoying the amenities and getting pampered. The kids loved the pools of course, and I loved the fact that the Sea Temple is located right on the beach, the only thing separating it from the ocean being a boardwalk of around 50m across the lagoon. Granted, there might be some crocodiles living in these waters, as the signs indicated, but it appeared pretty safe to us. And believe me when I say that the pool bar was able to pull off the most amazing lunch menu!

So if you consider staying at the Pulman Sea Temple one day, do make the effort and get up really early to enjoy the gorgeous sunrise on the beach. You don’t even have to get dressed, just head down with a cup of coffee, sit on the sand and relax. If this doesn’t let you forget your worries, nothing will!

Sunrise Palm Cove

The Sea Temple is a convenient walk along the beach to the town centre where you will find plenty of shops, restaurants and tour operators. There really is no reason to get bored at Palm Cove, and I can assure you that I had chats with the loveliest of business owners while holidaying there.

Crocodile Warning

Palm Cove Beach

Palm Cove Lagoon

Palm Cove

Palm Cove beach warning

Palm Cove view from jetty

Palm Cove Stinger warning

Palm Cove

The weather of course is nice and warm, the pace much slower than in Sydney, and you are definitely closer to nature than on your average day. I can warmly recommend both, Palm Cove and the Sea Temple Hotel if it’s a relaxing tropical holiday in Queensland that you are after. By the way, I have not been paid and I have no received any gifts for writing this blog post, I really just loved the hotel so much I wanted to share it with you.

Palm Cove Flower

Spider Lily


Tropical Flower