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Farnham’s Sculpture Park – More Than Just a Walk in the Park

by Silke Elzner

Sculptures in nature – I quite like the concept. I do like spending time in the great outdoors, but honestly, I find it hard to switch off at times. In a world that is saturated with electronics, I find that I easily get bored these days. I know, it’s a big shame.

However, what seems to work for me quite well is having something to look out for. Something that inspires me to think and reflect. It is what makes walks outside so much more entertaining for me.

In Sydney, I would look forward to Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi Beach every year. I will miss it this year since I have relocated to Spain. But it has definitely been one of my favourite events every year in Sydney.

It’s not just the sculptures themselves, though most of them were simply amazing. It was the way many of the artworks interacted with the environment. How they contrasted or complemented the surroundings.

They enhanced the views with the clever application of mirrors and gaps, played with dimensions and illusions, made us laugh with their realism or sarcasm.

Art in Nature: The Perfect Symbiosis

In England, I went to see the Sculpture Park in Surrey. An 800 sculpture garden that is packed with wonderful artwork, big and small. You can buy all of them if you like. Or you can simply pay a small fee and take a walk, explore the forest, and enjoy the many creative ideas along the way.

An exciting day out with the children, who treat an experience like this more like an Easter egg hunt – look, up in the trees, there’s a giant face. Oh, that lovely girl sculpture sitting on a block of stone. Funny skeletons in outrageous situations that make us chuckle. Beautiful stone sculptures that have taken on a patina of moss and lichen, becoming one with their natural surroundings.

A great destination for a family day out in Surrey

If you are in the area, consider this a worthwhile stop, in particular when you are travelling with inquisitive children. The Sculpture Park in Farnham is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours in nature. Pack a picnic or combine your visit with lunch at the Bel & Dragon just across the road.

Before you leave, don’t forget to stop by at the small souvenir shop for some unique gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

Here are some of the photos from our visit – of course, the collection does change over time as sculptures are taken home by buyers.