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Where to find the 19 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

by Silke Elzner

Many visitors wonder where to find the best beaches Dubrovnik has to offer. Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few beaches in the area to choose from. Granted, not all of them are sandy beaches, but they do come with their own merits such as great beach bars, stunning views and crystal-clear waters.

In this post we will introduce you to 19 of Dubrovnik’s best beaches, from popular family spots, free hotel beaches and nudist beaches to hidden gems that are only accessible by kayak. Some of them will be a bit farther way, best visited as part of a day trip from Dubrovnik. We will explain how to get to these beaches and what to expect so that you can make the right choice for your trip to Dubrovnik.

Map of Beaches Near Dubrovnik

Wonder where to find the best beaches in Dubrovnik? Check out this map for the location of the best beaches in and around the city.

19 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

Our top selection of Dubrovnik beaches, from the very close to the very far.

There are quite a few Dubrovnik Beaches to choose from. Great for swimming, sun bathing and snorkelling.

There are quite a few Dubrovnik Beaches to choose from. All of them are great for swimming, sun bathing and snorkelling.

1. Banje Beach: Close to the Old City

The best thing about Banje Beach, arguably, is Banje Beach Club which serves as a beautiful beachfront restaurant during the day. At night, the club transforms into a cool beach club with fine tunes and an excellent choice of drinks. But if you are more interested in beach and water, that’s ok too. Would you accept turquoise blue water and epic views? With just around 5 minutes’ walking distance from the city walls, Banje Beach is one of the easiest Dubrovnik beaches to access, making it particularly popular in summer.

2. Lapad Beach: Holiday Vibe north of the City

Lapad Beach can be found just north of Dubrovnik’s Old City. You will reach it by bus within a couple of minutes departing just in front of Pile Gate. It’s a slightly more expensive beach with a beautiful holiday vibe. Plenty of restaurants and bars around – check out Cave Bar for a relaxing drink with beach views. Toilet facilities and a small playground nearby. Across the bay, you may want to try a little walk for a fantastic view point on Babin Kuk. Great spot for sunsets, too!

3. Copacabana: Busy Family Beach With Views

Copacabana Beach (not to be confused with the other Copacabana beach!) is a lovely beach with small pebbles and great views of the huge cruise ships that frequently visit Dubrovnik. A relaxed and idyllic beach away from the crowds which you can reach by bus from Pile Gate. There is a fun inflatable assault course on the water, like a Total Wipeout parkour to try out. The water is clean and crystal clear, a perfect family beach in Dubrovnik.

4. Sunj Beach on Lopud Island: Sandy Island Beach

There are many beaches with pebbles in Dubrovnik, but Sunj Beach on one of Dubrovnik’s best islands is one of the rare examples of fine sandy beaches in the area. To reach it, take the ferry from Gruž Harbour for a relaxing day trip to Lopud Island. For more info on how to catch the ferry from Dubrovnik to Lopud island, read here. Alternatively, you can also stay locally at one of the hotels. Once you arrive on the island, take the road across to the other side – it’s about a 40 minutes’ walk. The island is traffic-free, making it ideal for families.

5. Sveti Jakov Beach: A Favourite yet not so Busy

Sveti Jakov Beach in Dubrovnik is one of the most popular beaches in the city. Alternatively, you can reach it by foot within around 30 minutes. You can take the bus for some of the way, but it won’t take you all the way to the beach. Access is via a flight of stairs near St Jacob Monastery. In comparison to Banje Beach, Sveti Jakov Beach is less busy and loud. It’s a rocky beach, so if you have water shoes, bring them along. If not, don’t worry as you will find that the pebbles are nice and smooth. Nearby, Hotel Belvedere, now abandoned, was used to film a well-known scene in Game of Thrones.

Šulići Beach is located in a sheltered bay just next to Pile Gate. It is a small beach right next to the Old City with beautiful clear water.

Šulići Beach is located in a sheltered bay just next to Pile Gate. It is a small beach right next to the Old City with beautiful clear water.

6. Šulići: Small and Right Next to Pile Gate

Šulići is a tiny beach which you will find right next to Pile Gate. It’s a rocky pebble beach which won’t appeal to many people since it’s rather small and not sandy. On the up-side, it’s also refreshingly free of people and still close to the Old City of Dubrovnik. As you can see from the photo that I took above, the water is crystal-clear and beautiful.

7. Cava: Nudist Beach Near Copacabana

Cava Beach is just next to Copacabana beach, a little bit outside of town, so take a bus No. 6 to Hotel Valamar President and walk through the pine forest to the waterfront. It’s one of two nudist beaches in Dubrovnik, the other one being on Lokrum Island. But even you don’t want to bare it all you are free to use Cava Beach. There is a section for regular beach-goers where topless bathing is the norm (that’s pretty common in Europe anyway). Walk a little bit further, past the sign, and you will be surrounded by naked people. It’s a popular beach for visitors who find that Copacabana beach is too busy for them. The beach bar serves delicious cocktails.

8. Lokrum Island: Short Ferry Trip Away

Lokrum Island is the island just off the coast which makes a wonderful day trip destination in its own right. There are quite a few things to see here including the ruins of a Benedictine Monastery and Fort Royal. All around the island you will find peaceful spots to access the water for a swim. Snacks and drinks can be bought on the island. Beware that the island is one of two places where nudist bathing is permitted. Check signs around you if you don’t want to access areas with nudist bathers. You can reach Lokrum Island by ferry from the Old Port or by sea kayak.

Many beaches in Dubrovnik like Buža are mostly rocks and pebbles. If you don't miss the sand then any of these beaches will give you access to the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic.

Many beaches in Dubrovnik like Buda are mostly rocks and pebbles. If you don’t miss the sand then any of these beaches will give you access to the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic.

9. Buža: Cool Vibes Under the City Wall

Beautiful Buža Beach can be found right underneath the City Walls of Dubrovnik. You will find it behind the Cathedral, as you walk through a small door in the wall. It’s a beach consisting of boulders only, making it perfect for anyone who prefers a day on the beach without small children. For cool vibes and drinks, head to Buža Beach Bar which occupies the terraces above the boulders. Popular in particular with young folks, incredibly romantic at night.

10. Pasjača: A Hidden gem

Pasjača Beach is a splendid beach with marvellous views just below steep cliffs. It is located near the village of Popovici, just 20 minutes from the airport. This makes Pasjača a great beach to spend the day before your flight home. From the parking lot, take the path down to the water – it will take you through a protected nature park which is rich in wildlife. A welcoming contrast to the busy streets of Dubrovnik in summer! You can try cliff jumping if you dare, or take your snorkelling gear for some amazing underwater discoveries.

11. Betina Cave: Only Accessible by Kayak

If you are looking for an experience off the beaten path in Dubrovnik, join one of the kayak tours that will take you to Betina Cave beach. The beach is only accessible from the water and is therefore delightfully quiet and peaceful. It’s a pebbly beach within a huge cave which is well sheltered and shady. Book your Kayak tour to Betina Cave Beach here (Affiliate Link).

12. Danče Beach: Rocky Beach and Home to Local Water Polo

Danče Beach is located to the south of Dubrovnik’s Old City, surrounded by nature park and below a convent of St Mary’s. It is a rocky beach with concrete slaps that is particularly popular with locals. It is the birthplace of water polo in Dalmatia. The water is clean and deep and cooler than elsewhere, making it more challenging and less suitable for families. There are no facilities and no rentals, so it really is just a pure beach in nature with great views. The beach is around 10 minutes’ walk to the West from Pile Gate.

Best Beaches Dubrovnik: The water around Dubrovnik is crystal-clear and warm in summer, perfect for a variety of water sports.

Best Beaches Dubrovnik: The water around Dubrovnik is crystal-clear and warm in summer, perfect for a variety of water sports.

13. Neptun Beach: Great Views of Elafiti Island

Neptun Beach is the beach that belongs to Neptun Hotel but can also be used by the public. It is located on the Lapad peninsula, just north of the city centre. This is not a sandy beach but one that is made of boulders and terraces. You can rent umbrellas and sun lounges for more comfort, and the café at the hotel will help with refreshments. Great views to be had of Lapad Bay and Elafiti island, one of the islands just offshore from Dubrovnik. You can access the water via ladders. A perfect sunset spot.

14. President Beach: Pebbles and Sand on Lapad Peninsula

Just a couple of steps from Neptun Beach, President beach is another free hotel beach on the Lapad Peninsula. This beach offers a mix of pebbles and sand, making this large beach popular with families with small children. Sun lounges, umbrellas and water sports rental ensure you can make the most of your day on the beach. Ice-Cream and cold drinks can be bought at the nearby café.

15. Bellevue Beach: Pebbly City Beach With Natural Shade

Bellevue Beach sits in a sheltered bay underneath the hotel of the same name. The cliffs surrounding the bay are very tall, providing shade in the mornings and in the afternoon. Watch crazy locals jump off the cliff into the blue water below! It’s a sand and pebble beach which is very popular with tourists and locals since it’s just a couple of metres from the historic old town – jut walk down the steps off Kotorska street.

16. Divna: One of the Most Gorgeous Beaches in Dalmatia

Picture-perfect Divna beach can be found on the Pelješac Peninsula, around 110 kilometres by car north of Dubrovnik. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Dalmatia and particularly popular with locals. There are no facilities here, just some basic campground facilities, but this just add to the unspoilt and exclusive feel of this little beach. If you like, you can swim out to the small inhabited island just in front of this gravel beach. Olive and fig trees offer ample shade.

17. Prapatno: Sandy Beach near Historic Ston

Prapatno is one of the rare sandy beaches on the Dalmatian coast. You will reach it from Dubrovnik within around one hour by car. The beach is very shallow, the sand soft, the water crystal-clear, ideal for families for small children. The historical town of Ston is nearby, making it easy to combine a culture trip with a day on the beach. Ston is home to the Great Wall of Croatia. Note that you will have to buy a parking ticket for the parking lot next to the beach.

Pelješac Peninsula is a popular day trip destination on the Dalmatian coast. It boasts a number of pretty villages and beautiful beaches.

Pelješac Peninsula is a popular day trip destination on the Dalmatian coast. It boasts a number of pretty villages and beautiful beaches.

18. Viganj: Day Trip to Dalmatian Seafaring Village

Pebbly Viganj Beach is farthest away from Dubrovnik, around a two-hour drive down Pelješac Peninsula. The little village is popular with wind- and kite-surfers but it has also a lovely beach bar. Scuba diving is another popular activity here since the water is very clear. The little village of Viganj has some historic sights to explore, including a Dominican monastery and aa Gothic church. A great way to combine a trip to the country with a day on the beach.

19. Trstenik Beach: Day Trip to the North

Trstenik is a small but very pretty village about 1.5 hours by car north of Dubrovnik on the Pelješac Peninsula. Alternative, there is also a local bus from Dubrovnik. It is located in a famous wine-producing area and surrounded by some of the most enchanting landscapes in Dalmatia. The village is surrounded by steep cliffs. The beach is made of fine gravel and offers natural shadow. The scenery is picturesque and serene, a great place to get away from it all. All around the village, there are even more remote bays and coves to explore.

Dubrovnik’s Beaches: There’s one for Everyone!

As you can see from our comprehensive list of Dubrovnik beaches above, there is a great range of beaches to choose from. Depending on where you are staying, how mobile you are, if you prefer sand or pebbles, and if you need extra facilities like toilets, sun beds or a beach bar, you will definitely find a place that you will enjoy.

Did we miss anything in this list? Let us know in the comments!

Recommended Dubrovnik Beach Hotels

Why not stay in a hotel right on the beach? The following Dubrovnik hotels have all been rated excellent by previous guests. They are located on or close to some of Dubrovnik’s best beaches, perfect if you would like to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing in Dubrovnik’s Unesco-listed Old City.

Hotel Excelsior

Hotel Excelsior is located just three minutes’ walk from Banje beach and just five minutes’ walk from Dubrovnik Old City. Most rooms offer gorgeous sea views. A luxurious spa, top restaurants and free wifi ensure that you will have a wonderful stay at this hotel. Click here for photos, info and rates (Affiliate Link).

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a romantic stay for two in Dubrovnik, Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik will be your top choice. The hotel is situated on a cliff above Miramare Bay with splendid views of the blue Adriatic Sea. Bellevue Beach is just steps from the hotel. Dubrovnik’s town centre is 1.6 kilometres away and can be accessed by foot or by bus. The facilities include a restaurant, a spa and free wifi. Click here for photos, info and rates (Affiliate Link).

Hotel Kompas

Located on peaceful Lapad Bay Beach, Hotel Kompas is a budget-friendly choice for couples who are looking for beaches in sunshine on their Dubrovnik vacation. The hotel is just 15 minutes by bus from the Old City and offers a beautiful outdoor pool as well as an indoor pool. Click here for photos, info and rates (Affiliate Link).

Dubrovnik Palace

Celebrity treatment anyone? Dubrovnik Palace is one of the top hotels in town, offering its own scuba diving centre, spa and pool. Lapad beach is just 800 metres away, and you can reach Dubrovnik Old City by bus within 20 minutes. Click here for photos, info and rates (Affiliate Link).

Recommended Dubrovnik Guide Book

Need more info on Dubrovnik? Check out this wonderful travel guide which will easily slip into your pocket as you go about exploring the area!

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