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Berlin With Kids: A Comprehensive Travel Guide for Families

by Silke Elzner

Visiting Berlin with children? Wondering if that’s a good idea? Don’t you worry! I live in this city with my two children and I have plenty of ideas ready for you. So read on as this post will give you a detailed overview of things to do with children in Berlin.

Not only that: As a local, I will throw in plenty of insider tips as well, to give you a very special introduction to the city. I will finish with a number of family-friendly hotels and apartments for your next trip to the German capital. It’s a long blog post, so bear with me, but it comes with tons of good information.

Please feel free to use the table to contents to skip to the part that is of most interest to you!

If you want to see how we spent a full week with the kids in Berlin before we lived here, continue here!

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Visiting Berlin With Kids? They will love the cool vibe of this crazy city!

Introduction: Berlin, a Great Family City Destination

Exploring Berlin with kids is great fun. It is also educational, as Berlin is such a historically important city within the European context. I’d like to compare it to a diamond in the rough, less sophisticated than Munich and not as posh as Hamburg. Yet Berlin is indeed full of charm and constant innovation. The selection of things one can explore in Berlin with a family is huge, and there is always something new to discover.

While the city on the outset is very kid-friendly, as a parent you have to be careful in the way you want to introduce your child to some of the themes that Berlin stands for. Due to the history of the city, not everything is suitable for little children. This article shall help you make an informed decision and guide you in your planning process.

But before we start, a quick word about the Berlin Welcome Card and travelling around Berlin with children cheaply and efficiently.

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Is the Berlin Welcome Card a Good Idea for Families?

The Berlin Welcome Card is a Berlin pass for tourists which solves two problems. On the one hand you can use the public transport network for free for the time period selected. On the other hand, you may benefit from discounted entry fees for many popular attractions. As an added bonus you will also receive a map and a small Berlin travel guide.

You can choose a Berlin Welcome Card which lasts from 48 hours up to 6 days. The longer you make use of the card, the better the savings. Prices start at EUR 19.99 and can be used by one adult travelling with up to three children between 6 and 14 years of age. An additional adult will have to purchase another Berlin Welcome Card.

If you do the maths, you will soon realise that a family of four will have to pay at least EUR 39.98 for two days of travel and discounted entry in Berlin. Is it really worth it though?

Comparing this offer with the regular tickets that are offered for public transport, the Welcome Card appears to be slightly more expensive. Two adults and two children can enjoy unlimited travel in Berlin using two daily tickets for 48 hours, i.e. 2 x 7 EUR (one ticket covers 1 adult and 2 kids) twice (for two days in total) = 28 EUR. This is less than the Welcome Card but doesn’t include the discount for many attractions as well as map and guide book.

In conclusion, the Welcome Card pays off if you are planning on seeing many attractions that are included in the plan. If you are thinking of also visiting nearby Potsdam for a day, you may need to look at the upgraded version of the card. The museums on Museum Island are excluded, so check terms and conditions carefully to see which attractions are part of the deal before you commit. You may in fact be better off just planning your trips and activities individually.

Get your Berlin Welcome Card here!
Get your Berlin Welcome Card Including Museum Island here!

It is easy to get around Berlin - the public transport system is extensive and relatively cheap. Visitors can choose between trams, busses, the subway, and suburban trains (S Bahn).

It is easy to get around Berlin – the public transport system is extensive and relatively cheap. Visitors can choose between trams, busses, the subway, and suburban trains (S Bahn).

A Cheap Alternative: Exploring Berlin by Public Bus on Route 100

As a parent I know how easy it is to explore a new city by using a hop on hop off bus. Kids legs are short and their feet get tired quickly. However, Berlin offers a great cheap alternative to conventional tourist busses, which you can simply use with an ordinary public transport ticket.

Bus 100 is one of the best routes to see a lot of important Berlin attractions all in one go. The route takes you from West Berlin to East Berlin (or vice versa) and passes some of the best known points of interest such as Berlin Zoo, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the Victory Colum, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Museum Island, and Alexanderplatz. The route is mostly run with double-deckers which only adds to the fun! Since the route can get very busy, make sure you get on at the first stop and be there early. An alternative route with lots of sightseeing potential to look at is route 200 if it happens to run by your hotel.

Would you consider driving around Berlin in a Trabi? Today, these cars are rarely seen on the city's streets, but exploring the city in one of them is a lot of fun!

Would you consider driving around Berlin in a Trabi? Today, these cars are rarely seen on the city’s streets, but exploring the city in one of them is a lot of fun!

Other Cool Ways of Getting Around

Berlin is not just a historical city, it is also a very cool city. There are many unusual and quirky ways of getting around, something to consider in particular when your children are in that rather difficult teenager phase.

Bike Rentals and Guided Bike Tours

If you like to be active then Berlin is the perfect place for you, weather permitting. In the last couple of years, bike rentals have sprung up everywhere, and many hotels and hostels offer a cheap or free bike rental service. A rental bike costs around EUR 10.00 per day, and there are also guided bike tours that allow you to see Berlin from a very different perspective. While it’s not yet the most practical city in Europe when it comes to travelling around on a bike, there are still some very good bike paths or at least broad sidewalks where you won’t bother pedestrians.

Interested in discovering Berlin’s street art by bike? Check out this cool tour that teens will love!

River Spree Cruises

Berlin also has a number of waterways which you can explore together with your kids. A tour of the River Spree through the government district and then back along the Landwehrkanal gives you a comprehensive 3-hour tour around the city (more info here). A relaxing way of seeing the sights, without the traffic but with lots of greenery, ducks, and very, very low bridges.

Alternatively, kayak tours in the East of Berlin are very popular too! Click here to check out details and prices!

The Quirkiest Transport Option

A really cool way of seeing Berlin is in a convoy in the backseat of a Trabi. These East German cars are wonky, small, and rather uncomfortable, but we love the retro style and the authentic GDR feeling! Click here to book your Trabi Safari through Berlin before it sells out!

Berlin’s Most Important Sights and how to see Them as a Family

Many of Berlin’s landmarks and attractions are world-renown. Kids big and small may recognise some of them from TV, magazines, and books. High time to discover these famous sights in real life!

Brandenburger Tor

Every child has heard of the Brandenburg Gate; it is Berlin’s most recognisable landmark. It is not possible to go inside but there is a tourism information in one of the wings. Adjoining Pariser Platz is home to a number of historic and important sites, including the American Embassy, Hotel Adlon (where Michael Jackson once presented his new son Blanket to a screaming crowd in a very disturbing fashion), and – on the other side – the Reichstag.

The Brandenburg Gate Museum is a small museum with a 20-minute short film about the history of the building, but children may not find it too exciting. More info here.


The Reichstag is a great attraction to visit with children. It is free, offers great views, and also explains a little bit about German history. It is essential that you prebook your visit though, so make sure you visit our article on how to do and book as early as possible – the booking link is in our previous article. Kids will love running up the spiral walkway in the glass dome, and below you can see the parliamentary chamber. There is also an audio guide which you can use for free.


Kurfürstendamm, also known as Kudamm, is the main shopping boulevard in West Berlin. In particular around Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church you will find many shops and department stores of interest, for example the Lego Flagship Store, Steiff, and Baby Walz. KaDeWe is a huge historic department store with a wonderful fresh food floor and a good selection of kids clothing and toys.

Museum Island

The Museum Island is the northern part of an island in the River Spree in the historic centre of Berlin. It is home to a handful of world-class museums and art galleries, including the Bodemuseum, the Pergamonmuseum and the Old National Gallery. The museums collectively are listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

It is a great place for a walk with kids to enjoy the pompous buildings, thanks to the river views and the traffic-free streets. If there is a museum which we recommend to families in particular, it will be listed in this post separately. Planning to see a number of museums during your visit to Berlin? Consider the 3-day Museum Pass!

Berliner Dom

The Berliner Dom (aka Berlin Cathedral) is the biggest church in Berlin. It is located right next to the Museum Island and is home of the Hohenzollern family crypt, the most important royal crypt in Germany. Plus, the views from the dome are fantastic. To see the treasures, you will need to have deep pockets: adults pay EUR 7.00 while kids pay EUR 5.00. This includes a short guided tour.

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is a great destination in particular for families. You will find a number of family-friendly attractions in this area, including Legoland Discovery Centre, international movie theatres like CinemaxX, the Spy Museum, the Dali Exhibition and lots more. For adults, there is plenty of shopping, good restaurants, and some of the most exciting contemporary German architecture all in one place. It is hard to believe that Potsdamer Platz was a wasteland only 30 years ago.

TV Tower

The TV Tower was built in the 1960s as a prestige object by the GDR regime. Its other main purpose was the broadcasting of TV and radio channels to the people in East Berlin. There are two different ways how you can visit the TV Tower, neither come cheap. If you want to visit the observation deck you will need to pay EUR 29.50 for a family of four. You will find a bar here, but this may not be very useful if you are visiting with children.

Alternatively or additionally, you can book a table at the restaurant which may not cater particularly for children but you can also select from cakes, soups, and fast food options. If it’s just the views you are after, you may want to consider other places in Berlin.

Inside Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The inside of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is somewhat surprising in its beauty.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is one of the most recognisable landmarks in West Berlin. The ruined church was almost completely destroyed in WWII and left standing as a reminder of the horrors of war. A quick visit inside is a must-do if you are in the area, as it is beautifully decorated and quite different to what you would expect. Next door, the 1960’s replacement church is even less attractive on the outside. But again, if you have a quick look inside you will be amazed at how beautiful it is. Entry is free.


Alexanderplatz is the main square in what used to be East Berlin. It is the biggest inner city square in Germany, and accordingly we find the set-up confusing and not very welcoming. There are three main reasons why you would want to go here with your children: To switch modes of transport to go elsewhere, or to go shopping in the many shops and department stores. Lastly, some interesting attractions can be found in the vicinity, including the TV Tower, Berliner Dom, Hackescher Markt, and the World Time Clock.

Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is located in Kreuzberg. Its main focus is on the development of Jewish culture in Europe and Germany since the Middle Ages. There is a lot going on for kids visiting the museum, for example you can work through the ralley cards to tick off points on the itinerary. Or you can participate in workshops. To prepare for the visit, check out the website where you will find some cool online games. The food at the museum restaurant is recommended.

Visitors can enjoy fantastic views from atop the Victory Column in Berlin.

Visitors can enjoy fantastic views from atop the Victory Column in Berlin.

Victory Column and Tiergarten

In particular when visiting Berlin with a pram on a sunny day, you may appreciate the shady greenness of a large park. Tiergarten is the green lung of Berlin, a huge park that stretches from the West all the way to the East. Tiergarten is also great to explore by bike. There are lots of ponds, statues and playgrounds to see. The most prominent feature of Tiergarten is the Victory Column with the golden angel. There are 285 steps to get to the top. You will reach it via a pedestrian tunnel, do not attempt to cross the roundabout!

Topography of Terror

This museum acts as a documentary centre about the crimes of national socialism in Germany. It is located on the grounds of the former Secret Police, just a couple of steps from the Berlin Wall. Is Topography of Terror an important museum that one should see? Absolutely! But is it suitable for children and teens? Probably less so. A lot of the information is presented on wall signs which are quite boring to read for children.

Pergamon Museum

From all the museums featured on the Museum Island in Berlin, we want to give give the Pergamon Museum a special mention as it is the most visited art museum in Berlin. And there is a good reason for that: The museum shows some of the most amazing treasures of the antiques, and some of them in a giant fashion. You will find here the complete Pergamon Temple as well as the market gate of Miletus, and the Ishtar gate. Unfortunately, the hall with the Pergamon temple most likely will remain closed until 2023 due to restoration works. Children and teens under 18 years have free access, adults pay EUR 12.00 – Click here for Skip-the-Line Tickets!

Learning About German History

It is easy to forget that Berlin is so much more than just the Nazi regime, WWII, the Berlin Wall, and the end of the Cold War. There is a lot more to discover that is very much part of the German story, including a Medieval quarter, and royal palaces. These handpicked attractions offer some unique insights into the Berlin history.

Nicolai Quarter

In contrast to many other German cities, Berlin is a relatively young settlement. To see its oldest quarter, established in the Middle Ages, you will need to visit the Nicolai Quarter. Since it was almost completely destroyed in WWII, all we can see today is a charming reconstruction. It’s a nice part of Berlin for a relaxing walk with the kids. Take special note of the sights within the quarter, including the church, the Ephraim Palais and the Knoblauchhaus. There are quite a few restaurants and cafes to explore, particularly nice in summer.

Schloss Charlottenburg Palace

Schloss Charlottenburg Palace with its sunny exterior is a popular day trip destination in the western part of Berlin. You can visit the castle and have a look at the inside, but it doesn’t come cheap and you need to pay an extra fee when taking photos for private use. Prams cannot be taken inside, and I doubt that children will find the historic interior particularly interesting. The reason why we mention the castle anyway is because of the wonderful park right next to it with its formal gardens. The visit is free, and it gives you a great base to talk about German kings, emperors, and princesses. More info here.

Hackesche Höfe

To create a big contrast to the glamour and glory of the royal world in Berlin, also pay a visit to the tenements of the inner city. These poor working class people lived in small, dark and dingy apartments in big blocks that were often interconnected through courtyards. Today, one fine example can be found at Hackesche Markt, but the difference is that the former workshops today house beautiful boutiques and intriguing little designer shops. There are also plenty of cafes, theaters, art galleries, etc. to explore.

Anne Frank Zentrum

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was forced to hide with her family from the Nazis in an attic in the Netherlands. She was killed at a concentration camp in the last months of war, like many other Jewish people. Her personal story, made immortal by her diary, is exemplary for the terror that Jewish people had to endure during the Nazi regime. Since she was just a girl, many children will easily bond with her and find it easy to get access to this very complex history of Germany. Anne Frank Zentrum is a small museum with a compelling documentary and some exhibits from Anne’s personal belongings. Adults pay EUR 5, families EUR 12. Kids under 10 years go free. Closed on Mondays.

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

The Holocaust Memorial is an immersive experience that children will be able to walk through with their parents.

Memorial for the Murdered Jews in Europe

The Holocaust Memorial, as the Memorial for the Murdered Jews in Europe is also known, remembers the deaths of over six million European Jews. It is a field of stone blocks, or stalae, which you can walk through with the children for a multidimensional experience. Kids will love the maze-like setup of the memorial and they may want to run, climb and scream. While this is not appropriate it is still an exciting place to discover with the children and a great way to start a conversation with them about this difficult topic.

Checkpoint Charlie

A checkpoint in the middle of the city – it is hard to believe these days that this marks the spot where tanks from two different countries were engaging in a stand-off. Checkpoint Charlie, where the American and the Russian sectors of Berlin met, is a good site to learn more about this strange and fascinating chapter in the city’s history. There is a small checkpoint building, sandbags and barriers. For a small donation you may take a photo with an actor performing as a Russian or American soldier. There is also a free open-air exhibition in Schützenstrasse and Zimmerstrasse which shows some interesting photos of this place just a few decades ago.

East Side Gallery and Oberbaumbrücke

The Berlin Wall and a bridge, both of which used to be a symbol of the division of the city into East and West. Since both, Oberbaumbrücke and East Side Gallery, are fairly close together, you can combine these two in a visit. The kids will definitely love walking down the one kilometre long East Side Gallery with its colourful murals and graffitis. This section of the Berlin Wall is just next to the River Spree, from which you can see the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke in all its glory. A great place in particular at sunset.

German Spy Museum

A day in the life of a spy! During the Cold War, there were quite a few spies around, and many of these were based in Berlin. Kids can learn at the Spy Museum everything about the techniques and technologies that spies used to gain and transmit important information. There is a lot of multimedia and interactive displays, so kids will find this museum a lot of fun. Highlight of a visit is definitely the laser trail. Recommended for kids from 8 years of age. Reduced fees for anyone under 17 years.

German TV set

At the DDR Museum, visitors can experience private and public life in the former East German state. We personally loved the complete apartment that the kids could explore with us.

DDR Museum

If you want to know how it was like to grow up and live in East German, do visit the DDR Museum. It’s a wonderful museum with lots of interactive displays and tons of simulations. We loved the Trabi simulator which gives you a ride in East Germany’s most common car. Highlight is the original style GDR apartment which you can explore in detail. Adults pay EUR 9.50, children EUR 6.00. Under 6’s go free. Read here our full report about our visit to the DDR Museum. Buy here your tickets online and skip the line!

Berlin Wall Memorial

Less for younger children, but quite educational for teens, the Berlin Wall Memorial focuses on the story of the construction of the Wall as well as how people coped living with this barrier. The memorial comes in two parts. The Wall section is located in a park and has a length of around 200 metres. The adjoining museum helps with interpreting the site. There is also a raised platform from which you can see the original set up of the Berlin Wall including the death zone and a watchtower.

The Story of Berlin

800 years of Berlin’s history, accumulated within the confines of a former bunker. There are 23 themed rooms to explore as well as nuclear bunker itself. It is in perfect condition and could be used to this very day! The family ticket costs EUR 25 and includes a guided tour of the bunker. Children under 6 years go free.

Berlin in miniature

Legoland Discovery Centre in Berlin is a great place for little kids. We really enjoyed the miniature setup of Berlin attractions made from Lego bricks!

Berlin Attractions Specifically for Kids

In this blog post, we are not just looking at the most popular Berlin attractions, as you would find them in any other Berlin guide. We are also looking at fun stuff that is specifically designed to entertain the kids. The list includes some cool local tips as well as well-known family attractions that the little ones will love! Perfect little treats to throw in when they need a break from the adult sightseeing stuff!

BowlingCenter am Alexanderplatz

Bowling is a great way to have fun indoors, in particular if you happen to visit Berlin on a rainy day. A great and central place to play is BowlingCenter am Alex just underneath RathausPassagen. The hire of the bowling alleys is calculated by minutes, and you can borrow shoes on the spot. Since this place is very popular, it’s advisable to book in advance.

Legoland-Discovery Centre Berlin

Our children are definitely Lego fans, and a visit to a Legoland Discovery Centre is therefore always a great idea. In Berlin, you will find the next centre at Potsdamer Platz. It’s a fun rainy day activity as the action happens completely indoors, including a 4D cinema, a number of ride, brick building workshops and lots more. If you buy your ticket online you will save 30%. Adults can only visit when accompanied by a child. Click here for priority entrance tickets!

AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin

AquaDom is the biggest freestanding aquarium in the world. There are 17 themes which explore the origins of the seas and the the diversity of life underwater. You can even take a lift inside a fish tank! There are a number of “missions” or “stations” to pass which will give the kids something to think about. Shows and feeding times complete the picture. There are combo tickets available which will give you combined access for a discount to the Berlin Dungeon as well. Tip: If all you want to see is the Aqua Dom, visit the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Filmpark Babelsberg

Filmpark Babelsberg is a movie park which opens every year from April to the beginning of November. It’s your typical film park: Movie sets, stunt shows, a peek behind the stage, a 4D action movie theatre and lots of other attractions will guarantee fun for the whole family. Kids under 3 visit for free, kids up to 16 years pay a reduced fee of EUR 15. The family ticket costs EUR 65. Visit via organised bus tour from Berlin – Tickets available here!

Madame Tussauds Berlin

Madame Tussauds’ best known wax museum can be found in London, however Berlin also has a version of this attraction which is worthwhile including in this list. The difference is the choice of wax figures you get to see here – the focus is clearly on a German audience with German stars that you may or may not know. Madame Tussaud’s includes a notable Star Wars exhibition. Get your Priority Access Ticket here!

Berlin Zoologischer Garten

Berlin’s Zoo is conveniently located right in the centre of Berlin West, great if you want to combine a visit to the zoo with some shopping. Highlights include the hippo house, the penguin world, and the apes. There is also a first-class playground on the grounds. Buy your tickets online and avoid the queues. Fees for a family of four costs EUR 41. Tip: Add EUR 10 to that and you can also visit the aquarium next door. Don’t want to spend any money on a zoo? Visit the Bikini Shopping Centre next door with the big panorama window overlooking the monkey enclosure!

Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin is another zoo that you will find in Berlin, this time in the eastern part of the city. The zoo is the largest park featuring animals in Europe with more 9,000 species. There is also a pretty castle on its grounds, some great playgrounds, and a walk-in kangaroo enclosure. The family ticket costs EUR 35.

Mount Mitte

Mount Mitte is a modern climbing center with lots of daring quests for kids taller than 130cm. They need to be accompanied by an adult. The park includes SkyFall and SkySwing.

Modellpark Berlin

Open from April to October, this outdoor attraction is great fun for the whole family. Modellpark Berlin is a miniature park which features more than 80 well-known Berlin sights. The kids will love the many buttons which will set things into motion. There is also a playground as well as an ice-cream stall. Kids under 6 years have free entry, reduced tickets for anyone under 18 years cost EUR 2.50. The full ticket price is EUR 4.50.

German Technology Museum

We simply love the German Technology Museum (Deutsches Technikmuseum) even though it may not be the latest or hippest family museum in the city. It is easy to spot thanks to the aeroplane on the roof. The exhibition is extensive: There are cameras and planes, ships and cars, and lots more. There is also a special areas in the museum for kids called Spectrum where kids can try out some experiments. The museum is closed on Mondays. The family ticket costs EUR 17.

Wet collection Natural History Museum Berlin

The Wet Specimen Collection at the Natural History Museum is slightly creepy and very cool.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in Berlin is a classic museum which brings to you a selection of everything that kids love about natural history museums in general. There are stuffed animals and lots of bones, bugs and minerals. Dinosaurs and a creepy wet specimen collection that teens will love. The entry is EUR 8 for adults, kids under 6 years are free. Get your tickets online here!

Eastside Gallery

Kids big and small love the colourful murals on the East Side Gallery.

Best Berlin Attractions for Teens

Teens have very particular tastes and interests. Luckily, Berlin is a pretty cool city that has lots of unique and quirky experiences to offer. From spooky tours to hip street art, there is lot you can plan when visiting Berlin with your teen.

Berlin Dungeon

Berlin Dungeon is nothing for the faint-hearted! White ladies and torture chambers will send shivers down your spine and that of your teenager! Make sure you book your tickets online to save money. Highlight of Berlin Dungeon is the free fall tower at the end of the exhibition. The museum can only be visited by children 8 years and above. Don’t miss out: Get here your Priority Ticket to the Berlin Dungeon!

East Side Gallery

More than 100 street artists have turned a section of the Berlin Wall into a fascinating open-air art gallery. This part of the Berlin Wall including the art work is hertrage listed which makes the East Side Gallery an important puzzle piece in the history of Berlin.

Computerspiele Museum Berlin

The Computer Game Museum is great for big and small as it travels back in time to the origins of video games.

Computer Game Museum

From Space Invaders to Mario and Donkey Kong – video games cross generations. If you enjoyed playing games as a child back then as much as they do now, then this museum is the perfect choice. There are quite a few vintage games that you and the kids can try out together, and there are videos and information on the all-time classics. Family tickets cost EUR 19, kids under 6 go free. If you visit after 6pm you may pay less. Tickets available here.

Hatch Stickermuseum

The Stickermuseum is a museum of the more quirky kind. On display are hundreds and thousands of stickers from around the world. You may visit from Thursday to Saturday. The entry is EUR 1 and includes a limited edition street art sticker.


Monsterkabinett is like an abandoned theme park which has come to life. The most questionable figures and puppets dance and sing and are telling their stories. The museum is hidden in the second courtyard at Rosenthaler Straße 39 in Mitte. Children from 6 years only. Need to be accompanied by an adult. You will find further information on show times on the official website.

House of Tales – Escape Room

Escape Rooms are like big puzzle game where you enter a room and can only leave if you solve the clues. It’s a fun thing to do as a family as it requires people with different skill sets to work together in a team. Children from 14 years of age are welcome at House of Tales to try one of the escape rooms without their parents. Two players minimum.

Street Art Epicentre Berlin

Street art is a big thing in Berlin. There are a couple of hotspots you can explore with your kids.

Street Art in Berlin

Street art in Berlin is big but it’s not just found in one singular place. There are a couple of places around the city where you will find more street art coming together though. Have a look around Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte. There are also galleries like the Bärenquell Brauerei, Teufelsberg, and the Eisfabrik.

Haus Schwarzenberg is located near Hackesche Markt (where you will also find the Anne Frank Zentrum). Have a look at the courtyard leading up to the house which is a wonderful collection of street art. Do not miss entering Haus Schwarzenberg itself, which is covered in tags, stickers, and graffiti like a big walk-in artwork.

Urban Nation is Berlin’s first urban art museum. Entry is free, a visit highly recommended. More info in our detailed post here.

Berliner Unterwelten Museum

This attraction is not suitable for smaller kids. Look out for guided tours that specifically include teenagers. The tours of Berliner Unterwelten (literally: Underworlds) take place all over Berlin, although around Gesundbrunnen you will find the base. The guided Unterwelten tours will take you underground, to bunkers and flak towers, escape tunnels between East and West, vaulted basements and lots more. You need to book well in advance. Children unter 7 are not permitted.

Berliners love their lakes, in particular in summer.

Berliners love their lakes, in particular in summer.

Best Lakes and Parks in Berlin

If you wonder where Berliners like to hang out on a sunny day, you just need to go to any of the many lakes and parks in the area. The best known lake for swimming is Wannsee in the western part of the city. But there is so much more to explore.

Open-Air Swimming at Wannsee

It is hard to believe that Wannsee lake is located right in the middle of the city. It is easy to reach thanks to the good public transport connection, making it a very popular destination on warm and sunny days. The lake has a sandy beach area, snack bars, playgrounds and even bungee trampolines to offer.


We love Grunewaldsee lake particularly in winter, when the lake freezes over and the snow adds magical touches to the forest. There is a small castle or hunting lodge which you can explore while here, and in the weeks leading up to Christmas you can warm up at the Christmas Market near the castle. There are lots of hiking paths which invite to explore the area.

Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World)

Travelling the world without leaving Berlin? Yes, that’s possible. Gardens of the World is an exhibition of garden architecture from around the world. Bali, Japan, and England, this park introduces you to a whole new world. Unfortunately, the park is located well out of the city centre in Marzahn and you will need to pay an entrance fee.


New York City has its Central Park, London has its Hyde Park, and Berlin has its Tiergarten. The green lung of Berlin connects the East with the West and is home to a number of sights and notable areas such as playgrounds, beer gardens, and lakes. It’s the perfect place to spend a hot summer’s day, in particular if you hire a bike for an easy tour that may include the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate.

Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld is a public park which replaces a former airport right in the centre of the city. It’s a wonderful green space which is perfect for bike rides, kite running, picnics, Minigolf, and lots more.

Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island)

Peacock Island is located in the middle of Wannsee Lake and is has been a popular day trip destination for many years. Kids will love taking the ferry to the island which is home to a fairytale castle (a summer house), a formal garden and lots of peacocks. The island is featured on the UNECO world cultural heritage list

Botanic Garden Dahlem

The Botanic Garden in Dahlem is the biggest Botanic Garden in Germany. We particularly recommend a visit to the greenhouses which are covering different themes. There is a greenhouse with Australian plants, one with carnivore plants, another with trees and flowers from the Canary Islands, etc. Of course, there are also plenty of gorgeous orchids and a forest of giant bamboo. It’s the perfect place to be on a cold and rainy day. The Botanic Museum next door is also a great destination for lovers of flowers and plants.

Knalle Popcorn make their own popcorns which are for example flavoured with vanilla, salty caramel, and green tea.

Knalle Popcorn make their own popcorns which are for example flavoured with vanilla, salty caramel, and green tea.

Ice-Cream, Playgrounds, Beer Gardens: Locals’ Tips for Berlin With Children

One of the most popular child friendly areas in Berlin is Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg. The area is overcrowded with young, dynamic families, and so the neighbourhood is sprinkled with first-class playgrounds and parks. Some of the most popular parks include Arkonaplatz, Adventure Playground Marie, and the playground at Zionskirchplatz. A little bit further away, Dragon playground in suburb Friedrichshain is equally popular with kids.

If you want to treat the little ones to some ice-cream, try Eis-Cafe Annemarie, die Kleine Eiszeit or Hokey Pokey, all near Kollwitzplatz. Funky liquid nitrogen ice-cream is available near Rosenthaler Platz at Woop Woop. Knalle in Friedrichshain sells specially flavoured popcorn.

To introduce the family to Berlin’s most favourite street food, currywurst, visit Curry61 at Oranienburger Str. 6 in Mitte, Curry 36 at Mehringdamm 36 in Kreuzberg, Currywurst Berlin at Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte, Curry at the Wall at Zimmerstrasse 97 in Mitte or Konnopke’s unter the railway bridge in Schönhauser Allee in Helmholtzkietz. Berliners love their currywurst so much, there is even a museum to learn all about it: Currywurst Museum.

Markets are also a very popular past-time with families in Berlin. One of the best is the flea market at Mauerpark (Sundays), but there is also Markthalle Neun with lots of international foods (closed on Sundays), and the weekly farmer’s market at Winterfeldtplatz (on Wednesdays and Saturdays).

Visiting just before Christmas? You will find many great Christmas markets scattered all around town, perfect for visiting with children. We particularly like the ones around the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a little bit outside in Rixdorf, the one in Spandau, at Gendarmenmarkt, as well as the Nostalgic Christmas Market at Schlossplatz (Museum Island).

Looking for cool places to shop exciting designer fashion? Have a look around Oranienburger Tor, Hackescher Markt, and Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Berlin in summer: There is only one place you really want to be: at a nice beer garden. Our tips here help you find family-friendly beer gardens with playgrounds attached.

Berlin in summer: There is only one place you really want to be: at a nice beer garden. Our tips here help you find family-friendly beer gardens with playgrounds attached.

Family-Friendly Beer Gardens, Restaurants, and Cafes

Prater Biergarten is one of the biggest and best known beer gardens in Berlin. Families love the children’s playground on the property. The food is typically German and includes pretzels and sausages, jacket potatoes and gherkins. Wash it down with Berliner Weiße wheat beer or a lemonade. Address: Kastanienallee 7-9, Prenzlauer Berg.

Cafe am Neuen See is located right inside the giant green space of Tiergarten. Families can enjoy cool drinks and beers, pizza and BBQ meats right by the lake. Right next door, kids can work off some energy at the playground, or you could rent a boat and explore the lake together.

Another popular beer garden in Tiergarten is called Schleusenkrug. This beer garden has covered space for up to 350 guests and offers grilled meals as well as vegan options. It’s not far from the exit of Berlin Zoo, so you can easily combine these two on a nice sunny day.

At Pförtner Café in Weddig you get fantastic Italian style food. It is not particularly geared towards families but you can dine in the unusual setting of a disused bus. Quite an quirky experience for the whole family!

Where to stay in Berlin with kids? Read here our top places to stay!

Where to stay in Berlin with kids? Read here our top places to stay!

The Best Accommodation Options in Berlin for Families

The following hotels and accommodations are in a central location in Berlin and are perfect for a quick weekend trip with the family. They have all received top ratings by previous guests and offer excellent value for money. Not sure which neighbourhoods in Berlin are best for your family – check out our detailed post about where to stay in Berlin here!

H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz

H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz is a modern city hotel in top location in Berlin Mitte which gives you quick and easy access to all parts of the city. The H2 does a great continental breakfast in the morning which even includes gluten-free bread on request. The family rooms are soundproof and come with a free high-speed internet access and two bunkbeds.

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MEININGER Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof

The location of the MEININGER is great if you want to stay close to some of the best known Berlin attractions. The buffet breakfast is generous, the rooms soundproof, and there is free Wifi access. The bedrooms for three people have a pull-out sofa, the bedrooms for four people come with two bunkbeds.

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Hotel Gat Point Charlie

Hotel Gat Point Charlie is an attractive and clean design hotel with 140 rooms in a central location next to Checkpoint Charlie. The service is impeccable and makes sure the you will be as comfortable as possible. Babies are treated like royalty, and there are vegetarian options for breakfast. Bedrooms for three guests include a double bed and a single.

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aletto Hotel Ku’damm

An incredibly popular middle-class hotel, just a couple of metres from Ku’damm shopping and restaurants. It includes free high-speed Wifi and comes with a choice of dorms and private rooms with up to six beds – perfect for larger families! In summer, the rooftop terrace is one of the most favourite parts of the hotel, and in the hotel garden you will find a small playground. Private parking for a fee and on request.

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Apartments am Brandenburger Tor

The Apartments am Brandenburger Tor are family-friendly holiday apartments in Berlin Mitte. They offer complete kitchen facilities, free Wifi, towels and linen. In the neighbourhood you will find a choice of playgrounds, bakeries and supermarkets. The apartments have up to three bedrooms and can be booked for up to six adults. Private parking for a fee and on request.

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Berlin with kids - one of the best places in Europe for a family vacation.

Berlin with kids – one of the best places in Europe for a family vacation.

Summary: Discovering Berlin as a Family

I am sure that after going through this list you will have no more doubts about visiting Berlin with your family. As you can see, there are many new things to try, a lot of family-friendly attractions, and an easy way to get around.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment under this post and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope you will have the best time in this marvellous, unique, and uncompromising city!

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