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Hotel Review of a tropical city hotel – The Hilton Cairns

by Silke Elzner

Hilton Hotels are synonymous with style, guest services and quality.

When I book a Hilton I know that I can expect only the best, and it’s been no different for our recent stay in Cairns. I think you can easily say that the Hilton Cairns belongs to the best hotels in the city. Not only is is well located right next to the Boardwalk and within easy walking distance to the marina (where the boats depart daily to the Great Barrier Reef), it is also providing an overall relaxing and enjoyable experience during our entire stay. But not just the boats are within easy reach, the city centre, the Esplanade with he Lagoon, the Reef Casino, Zoom and all other sights are within walking distance.

Hilton room

When we booked the hotel, we were offered a paid upgrade to the top two floors, with guaranteed water views, and since we are only talking a couple of dollars, we decided to invest in this extra bit of luxury to have a guaranteed enjoyable stay.

The room, an executive room, came with all the amenities we needed – refreshingly crisp and bright sheets and a comfortable mattress, a glass-wall bathroom with spa tub, minibar with fridge and a balcony with the most fantastic views. We instantly felt at home, and look at the views that we were treated with! In particular the 6am start on the day of our snorkelling trip to the reef suddenly becomes more manageable when you are greeted with such a beautiful sunrise!


Trinity Inlet and Mangroves

Hilton views

Hilton Sunrise Cairns

Overall, the hotel is set up in a very clever way, with a high atrium-like lobby with glass roof and an inner courtyard that is home to a number of tall palm trees and lots and lots of chirping birds. The green balconies inside and out work brilliantly as a direct connector between the cool, air-conditioned inside and tropical outside, giving the building a warm feel reminiscent of holidays under the sun while staying professional and focused at the same time.

The Hilton Cairns also comes with a lagoon pool and gym as well as four bars and cafes. In particular Mondo’s right on the Boardwalk seems to be very popular, with lots of families enjoying a grilled meal or pasta here.

We had a fantastic time at the Hilton and I can only recommend it for a worry-free, relaxing stay in Cairns.

Hilton Cairns. 34 Esplanade, Cairns. http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/queensland/hilton-cairns-CRNHITW/index.html

Hilton Cairns Lobby

Lobby centre piece

Hilton decorations

Inner courtyard

Hilton lounge

Hilton Bar