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5 Amazing Attractions near Port Dickson

by Silke Elzner

Port Dickson is located in Negeri Sembilan state in Malaysia, and the beach is a popular holiday destination. The charming coastal town has everything from historical monuments and lighthouses to nature-based zoos and aquariums.

Fondly known as PD, Port Dickson is the pride of Negeri Sembilan region, an area with oodles of sightseeing opportunities. When it comes to sightseeing, these shores have to offer; the visitors will be spoilt for choice.

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Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm located along the Port Dickson at a 9th mile is a must visit attraction. The ostriches are placed in open paddocks shaded by large trees. The tourists can feed them with pellets bought from the entrance. They are shown the right way to handle an ostrich egg as well as how to ride on an ostrich.

One can enjoy ostrich satay and ostrich burger as well as buy cosmetics made from ostrich oil. There is a special cuisine made from ostrich meat. Besides ostriches, one can see peacocks, peasants, monkeys, jungle fowls, and other farm animals. One can even ride the ostriches for a small fee.

Port Dickson Army Museum

The Army Museum, also referred to as Muzium Tentera Darat, is the property of the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces.

Located next to a military base and about a couple of km away from Port Dickson town in Sirusa district, the museum traces its achievements through history.

There are decommissioned military vehicles such as planes, artillery guns and tanks lodged in the spacious grounds. There is a memorial fountain which is dedicated to soldiers who served Malaysia during its war history. Port Dickson Army Museum is indeed very popular amongst the tourists.

Tanjung Tuan

Tanjung Tuan is one of the best beaches along the Tanjung Tuan coastal forest which is made of rainforest and mangrove swamps. The best beaches are hidden away at the Tanjung Tuan coastal forest, offering sparkling white sand and crystal-clear waters.

In order to reach the isolated beaches, one has to hike through the jungle and go down the hilly slopes to reach isolated beaches. Each of those beaches carries its natural charisma and pristine scenery. Tanjung Tuan is well known for botanical treasures and wildlife sightings.

Ten Mile Beach

port dickson

Port Dickson is a beach resort that lies about 90km south from Kuala Lumpur. Also called ‘PD’ by locals, the coastline of calm seas and warm beaches stretches along a ten-mile strip towards Malacca.

Some of the most popular beaches are Blue Lagoon, Bagan Pinang, Teluk Kemang, Pantai Cahaya Negeri and Pantai Purnama. Those beaches are an excellent place for romantic travel and honeymoons. One can swim, laze around and watch the live sunset view. Take advantages of several leisure activities such as water-skiing, snorkeling, canoeing, and windsurfing. One of the best things one can do here is fishing. Booking hotel on the go is easy because of plentiful of options.

Lukut Museum

The Lukut Museum preserves the cultures and customs of fascinating tribe – The Minangkabau as well as the history of Lukut. Built by the Department of Museums and Antiquities, the museum carries the objective of spreading information and historical proof related to Lukut.

The Museum signifies the uniqueness of Malay civilization’s architecture and showcases some interesting relics including artifacts from Nasau.