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49 photos to inspire you to visit Australia’s Great Ocean Road

by Silke Elzner

Really, if you want me to I could re-invent the wheel and tell you all about the beauties of the Great Ocean Road. But what’s the point? You already know that it’s a beautiful place.

Yes, I am aware that I could point out all the sights, share with you all the relevant information on how the forces of nature have formed this spectacular coast. I could create for you an itinerary, give you a packing list of some sort so that you don’t come empty-handed. I could probably do some research and put together an article about the secrets you need to find, the hidden gems you should definitely see before you die, and the best instagrammable spots.

Experiences, I could share with you my experiences. I could tell you about the salt that you are going to smell as you press your body against the strong southern winds that hit the lookout platform. I could describe in vivid detail the murderous thunder of the waves as they crash against the soft limestone pillars in a rolling slow motion. I could describe to you in detail the play of colour in the ocean, the way the light of the afternoon sun paints the cliff a golden hue. I could tell you that there is no better place to reflect about life and destruction, change and reinvention than on one of those lookouts along the Great Ocean Road.

But I will do none of this. Why? Because it has been done before, by many other travel bloggers all around the world. The Great Ocean Road, the Bay of Islands, the Grotto, the London Bridge, the 12 Apostles – they are part of the global bucketlist, they are superstars on the international travel parquet.

How could I assume that my travel blog post will be any different, any better, any more fitting than what has been said before?

How can you capture best the feeling of exploring this wild and untamed stretch of land in its ever changing incompleteness? How can you break through the fleeting disconnection of a contemporary internet dweller? How can you capture his interest if all he is after is quick on-the-point information and instant satisfaction?

It is truly impossible.

Let me share my 49 photos with you instead. I will take you on a visual journey along the Great Ocean Road. Come with me as we travel from Melbourne all the way to Warrnambool, past all the important landmarks. Take my hand, virtually, and follow me as we discover together the great beauty of that stretch of coast that we have come to know as the Great Ocean Road. Ask no questions as I will give you no answers. Just enjoy.

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