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4 Ways to Center Yourself in Singapore

by Silke Elzner

Sometimes you need an escape from everything to center and ground yourself. Singapore has a tropical climate and an abundance of activities that are geared toward increasing relaxation and bringing attention to your overall mental wellbeing. Get started with these four ideas.

Explore the Scenery

Sunrise Bridge at Lorong Halus Wetlands

Image via Flickr by erwinsoo

You’ll never run out of serene sights in Singapore. Bring along your camera or leave all technologies behind in your hotel room, and immerse yourself in the local tranquil spots. Mount Emily Park is filled with mature trees and rolling slopes, and it’s one of the best spots to watch the sunset. Another scenic area is The Lorong Halus Bridge, which leads you across the Punggol Waterway to the Lorong Halus Wetlands.

With lush parks, colorful botanical gardens, and waterfront views of the Singapore Strait, there is plenty to see in Singapore. Consider choosing a Singapore hotel that is close to the best sights so you’ll have more time to explore the charming area.

Read a Book

Sometimes the only relaxation you need is to kick back with a warm cup of coffee and a good book. The Book Cafe is a book-themed dining spot in Singapore that offers guests all-day breakfast foods, free Wi-Fi and, of course, a wide range of reading materials. Other items on the menu include fresh sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes. The entire purpose of the Book Cafe is to provide you with a comfortable spot to read your favorite books.

Schedule a Spa Day

A spa day is relaxing wherever you are in the world. Scheduling a spa day in Singapore, however, is going to provide you with a unique experience. Soaking — more commonly known as Onsen soaking — is becoming a popular spa service in Singapore. Onsen soaking is supposed to improve chronic pain, help with the rehabilitation of injuries, and reduce stress. Other spa treatments include salt flotations, Indonesian Balinese body massages, and Tui Na massage treatments.

Visit a Temple

No matter what religion or philosophy you follow, visiting a Singapore temple can be an unforgettable experience. Because Singapore is a melting pot of many different religions, you can visit one of the local temples and still practice your own religion. The Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in the world and has an extremely detailed architectural design. Photos are allowed for a minimal fee.

Another Singapore temple worth visiting is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom, both important characteristics in your quest to center yourself. This temple not only serves as a tribute to Buddha but also holds one of his tooth relics. Both Buddhists and non-Buddhists are sure to enjoy this educational and spiritual experience. Guests are expected to dress modestly and to wear the provided shawls when in the temple.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, spiritual reconnection, or mindfulness, you will find it in Singapore. Try at least one these activities, and find out what helps you feel more grounded.

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