36 Romantic Date Ideas in Berlin, Germany

by Silke Elzner

You have fallen in love and you happen to find yourself in Berlin? Planning a first date and now you are looking for romantic places, activities, and restaurants? The perfect location to pop the question of all questions? Discovering Berlin arm in arm with your lover is so easy because there is so much to see in the city!

I am sure that the following ideas will be useful to anyone looking for ideas to plan a date night. From gorgeous locations for your first kiss to romantic restaurants, we got it all covered. To round up these Berlin date ideas, we also added a couple of cuddly hotels if you decide to stay overnight.

Berlin loves you, so let’s get inspired! (Please note, this article includes clearly labelled affiliate links. Thank you!)


Circle Berlin in the Ringbahn

The Ringbahn is the suburban train line that completely encloses the inner city of Berlin. Just get on board an S45 train at any station and stay put to see a panorama of typical Berlin sights go past your window. Not the kind of Berlin that tourists will see, but the real Berlin: train tracks, gaping holes between houses, lost places. Make sure you bring along a bottle of wine!

Enjoy the Views from Berlin Cathedral

There are not that many suitable lookout points in Berlin, but the roof of Berlin Cathedral is among the best. You may visit the dome as part of a regular visit to Berlin Cathedral which is also home to the marvellous Royal Hohenzollern Tomb. Thanks to the priceless location of the cathedral, you two can enjoy views of the historic centre of Berlin which encompasses sights such as the Lustgarten, Humboldt-Forum, the River Spree and also the TV tower.

Have a cup of Coffee

One of the best places to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and home-baked cake is said to be Cafe Eliza (Sorauer Str. 6, Kreuzberg). This small cafe is cluttered with distressed vintage furniture, an old set of scales, and lots of knick-knacks. There is tons of old-world charm within these broken brick walls, but if the weather is nice, there are also tables outside.

Travel to the Tropics Together

If it is cold and nasty outside, there is no better place in Berlin than the historic greenhouses at the Botanic Garden in Dahlem. The climate remains the same, warm and humid, no matter what’s going on outside, allowing you to take a walk and enjoy the colours and the heavy fragrances of orchids and other tropical plants. Even better, of course, if the weather is nice and you can combine your visit with a walk in the surrounding Botanic Garden.

The park at Charlottenburg Castle is among the prettiest in Berlin and thus a great place for a romantic walk.

The park at Charlottenburg Castle is among the prettiest in Berlin and thus a great place for a romantic walk.

Have a Walk at Charlottenburg Palace’s Gardens

One of my most favourite places in Berlin is arguably the garden that is attached to Charlottenburg Palace. There are plenty of spots among the hedges and behind ancient trees and teahouses where you can snatch a kiss or two. Best of all, entry is free.

Feast on Authentic Berlin Food

As everybody knows, there is a close relationship between love and good food. So why not book a table with Mutter Hoppe (Rathausstr. 21, Mitte) and feast on authentic German delicacies? The cosy restaurant is located in the historic Nicolai Quarter, the oldest part of Berlin, and serves authentic local food. Afterwards, go for a walk and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of cobblestone streets and century-old houses from the late Middle Ages. More Info.

Go for a Smooch in Front of the Giraffes House

One of the prettiest buildings in Berlin is the house of the giraffes at Berlin Zoo. With its arched windows and doors and slim columns, it always reminds me of India or some exotic place in East Africa. In our view, it’s the perfect backdrop for all sorts of things, for example, to dare a first kiss or to pop the question of all questions.

The Fairytale Fountain in Volkspark Friedrichshain is one of the highlights of this big park in the city's east.

The Fairytale Fountain in Volkspark Friedrichshain is one of the highlights of this big park in the city’s east.

Get Enchanted by the Fairytale Fountain

The beautifully restored Fairytale Fountain (Märchenbrunnen) is located in one corner of Volkspark Friedrichshain. It is so pretty that it’s the perfect place to fall in love. The sweet statues of fairytale characters, the burbling water, and the many benches surrounding it create the perfect environment to let Cupid’s arrows find their target.

Fly Over Berlin in a Helicopter

Granted, this is not the cheapest option to have a romantic day in Berlin, but flying over Berlin in a helicopter is an experience neither of you will ever forget. Perfect maybe for a spectacular proposal or to celebrate an anniversary. The flight takes around 20 minutes and includes a limousine pick-up service. Flights take off at Schoenefeld’s terminal D, the same place where stars and politicians arrive in Berlin. More info: Helicopter Rides Berlin (Affiliate Link)

Visit an Intimate Fairytale Theatre for Adults

If you two speak some German, try this really cool idea: Märchenhütte is a theatre ensemble in Monbijoupark which performs in self-constructed wooden sheds on the roof of an old bunker. While most performances are aimed at families, there are some that are exclusively for adults. The intimate atmosphere in the sheds, the bonfire outside, glühwein and pizza make for a great afternoon. Afterwards, head to nearby Hackescher Markt for dinner. Tickets need to be booked well in advance. More Info.

Take the Ferry to Peacock Island (Featured Photo)

Pretty Peacock Island (Pfaueninsel) right in the middle of the river Havel has been a popular day trip destination for decades. Surrounded by nature, with no cars allowed, it’s the perfect place to spread a rug and enjoy the silence. While it’s a bit of a ride, you can easily reach the island by public transport. Take the S-Bahn to Wannsee, then switch to bus number 218 to get to the ferry jetty. More Info.

Neuer See is just one of the many beautiful places in Tiergarten that you can explore on a daytime date.

Neuer See is just one of the many beautiful places in Tiergarten that you can explore on a daytime date.

Rent a Rowing Boat on Neuer See

If you are lucky and the sun is out, take your date to the beer garden at Neuer See lake in Tiergarten. Indulge on yummy pizza and cool beers, then rent a rowing boat for some secretive kisses on the lake. If the weather doesn’t comply, rest assured there is a cosy space inside the cafe complete with an open fire in the cooler months.

Go for a Walk Under Historic Gas Lanterns

Besides the cafe and lake, there is another quite romantic spot in Tiergarten which is the Historic Gas Lantern Museum. It’s a free open-air museum displaying gas lanterns from all over Germany. They are lit every evening as night falls and cast a charming golden light. A walk under the lanterns a wonderful start to a great night out.

Relax With Spherical Underwater Music

Liquidrom Spa offers soft underwater music – from classical to electronic – which is perfect for relaxing while floating on the surface. Pay a little extra and also make use of the sauna, perfect on a cold and rainy day. The spa’s unusual design was inspired by circus tents. It is located nearby Potsdamer Platz, making it easy to reach. More Info.

Explore Berlin in a Cute Beetle Cabriolet

How about you two just relax and leave it to the experts? There are cool guided tours to explore Berlin, for example on board a Beetle cabriolet. You and your date just take a seat in the back and enjoy the ride and get to know this city a little bit better. The four-hour tour can be arranged any way you like. Here is more information and a link to book the tour. (Affiliate Link)

Teufelsberg station is an abandoned relict from the Cold War and a great activity if you are looking for some excitement on your first date.

Teufelsberg station is an abandoned relict from the Cold War and a great activity if you are looking for some excitement on your first date.

Visit Abandoned Teufelsberg Radar Station

If you don’t quite know each other yet, try visiting a place that will give you plenty to talk about afterwards. For example, book a tour of the secret US radar station on Teufelsberg Mountain. Learn about the Cold War, tour the abandoned buildings, and check out the street art gallery. Tours are also conducted in English. More Info.

Go for a Swim at Stadtbad Neukölln

Most people will agree that swimming is a lot of fun, so why not have a date at a local pool? One of the prettiest can be found in Neukölln. The public indoor pool Stadtbad Neukölln is set in a pretty century-old building with round arches and high ceilings. But fear not, the swimming pool and all the facilities are clean and modern and a joy to use. More Info.

Drink a Glass of Wine Together

Briefmarken Weine (Karl-Marx-Allee 99) is a cute little wine bar that fits in neatly with the GDR charm of Karl-Marx-Allee. Think wallpapers from the sixties, miss-matched crockery and lots of corks. The perfect surroundings to pair wine with little delicacies (see what I did there?). The perfect choice for a very special date.

Explore Lost Places in Berlin

If both of you are a little bit adventurous then why not explore some of the many lost places in Berlin together? Beware: This is, in most cases, not legal and might get you into trouble. If you are still keen to give it a go, thanks to the great info on blog Abandoned Berlin you will get plenty of inspiration for your next adventure.

The Berlin TV tower is the tallest building in the city and offers dining with a view.

The Berlin TV tower is the tallest building in the city and offers dining with a view.

Dine With a Bird’s Eye View

Take your loved one for a drink to Berlin’s highest cocktail bar, Bar 203. Or opt for a romantic sit-down dinner at the gourmet restaurant Sphere. Both of them can be found on top of the Berlin TV tower which offers some of the best views of Berlin and beyond. Almost as if you two were spending the night on Cloud 9! More Info.

Get Your Culture fix at Pergamon Museum

There are many world-class museums and art galleries in Berlin, but we daresay that Pergamon Museum must be among the very best. Even though the star of the show, Pergamon altar, is currently closed to the public for extensive renovation works, there are many other things to explore here. To avoid the crowds, visit the museum late in the afternoon, for example on a Thursday when doors close as late as 8pm. Last entry is 30 minutes prior to closing time.  More Info.

Go Bargain Hunting at a Flea Market

The flea market at Mauerpark is always worth the trip. You will find here not just jumble but also cool designerware, crafts, souvenirs, fresh flowers (!), and great street food. In the park next door, there may be a couple of musicians, and in the afternoon the crowds come together for bearpit karaoke. Starts every Sunday from 10am. Plenty of restaurants and cafes can be found nearby along Oderbergerstr. and Kastanienallee. More Info.

Find the Secret Rose Garden

This is a hot tip for summer when the roses are in full bloom, of course. Head to Volkspark Humboldthain where you will find tugged away a small rose garden in the north of the park. Despite its proximity to Brunnenstrasse, this little piece of paradise is quiet, solitary, neat, and tidy. There are plenty of benches for holding hands and making plans for the future.

A romantic river cruise on the Spree gives you lots of new insights into Berlin.

A romantic river cruise on the Spree gives you lots of new insights into Berlin.

Join a River Cruise by Night

In particular in winter when the sun sets early, this is a splendid idea: Take your date on a sunset cruise on the River Spree. This is a truly magical and romantic way to experience Berlin together. All well-known buildings are lit at night and cast their colours on the still water of the river. Take a blanket with you and head for the open deck to cuddle up together while the most famous Berlin sights pass by. There are a few options for river cruises in winter, such as this one. (Affiliate Link)

Experience the Nostalgia of a Drive-In Cinema

Here is another great date idea: Not far from Tegel Airport (Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207) you will find a drive-in cinema called Bärliner which has regular shows including blockbusters and classics. The sound is broadcast via the car’s radio speakers, and food can be ordered on WhatsApp. This leaves you with plenty of privacy within the comfort of your own car. Click for for current shows.

Have a Dinner in the Dark

Imagine eating in complete darkness… Definitely a very unusual experience which you will find at the dark restaurant Nocti Vagus. No annoying flickering from mobile screens, no judging glances from the neighbours… just you, your date, and the sensual experience of food. All waiters and waitresses are either blind or visually impaired. More Info.

Visit the Amazing Waterfall at Viktoriapark

One of the most romantic places in Berlin is definitely the waterfall at Viktoriapark (Victoria Park). The gushing water offers the perfect setting for a romantic walk or a picnic. Follow also the winding pathways to the top of the Kreuzberg mountain and enjoy the views from there.

Feed the Goats at Görlitzer Park

If you are in the area anyway, try a detour to see the charming Kinderbauernhof (children’s farm) at Görlitzer Park. With a few exceptions each month, the farm is open to adults as well. It is home to a number of goats, bunnies, chickens, and sheep. More Info.

A houseboat on the River Spree in Treptower Park, Berlin.

Something rather unusual: Rent a houseboat on the River Spree in Treptower Park, Berlin.

Rent a Houseboat for the Night

It must be so romantic to spend the night on the river and wake up with the chirping of birds! This can be done in several locations around Berlin, but have a look at Treptower Park in particular. There are a couple of vessels to choose from near Insel der Jugend (Island of Youth) including houseboats, kayaks, and even floats. The latter can be fitted with a BBQ, so a great way to spend the evening and the night with your loved one.

Lose Your Heart in Little Venice

One of the prettiest parts of Berlin can be found in Spandau in an area called Tiefwerder. Due to the waterways and canals with their small boats and lazy ducks, the place is also called Berlin’s Little Venice. The best way to explore the area is naturally by rowing boat. More Info.

Go on a Trip Around the World in Marzahn

Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World) in Marzahn is a huge park which is dedicated to the different cultures of the world. Explore the park together and see garden design from faraway places such as England and China. A rewarding time to visit is during the cherry blossom bloom in spring, but generally, any warm and sunny day will be enchanting. Get lost in the hedge maze, enjoy the views from the Wolkenhain (Cloud Forest), and take a trip with the cableway. You can even get married here.

A proper Berlin sunset can be the perfect backdrop for a sneaky kiss or a life-changing proposal.

A proper Berlin sunset can be the perfect backdrop for a sneaky kiss or a life-changing proposal.

Catch the Sunset in Berlin

Since Berlin is a rather flat city, there are not so many places where you get a good view of the sunset. But when conditions are just right, there are a few spots where you might get a good view. In particular, the big railway overpasses and bridges such as Modernsohnbrücke, Oberbaumbrücke, and Warschauer Brücke are good places to see the colours in the sky.

Go Dancing, but do it Old-School

If you are looking for something different to Berlin’s exciting club scene, try Clärchens Ballhaus instead. The club is set in a typical old-style Berlin ballroom and oozes vintage charm. Not so much a place to talk, but to hit the dance floor. The Spiegelsaal (Hall of Mirrors) is particularly noteworthy, and there is even food served. More Info.

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Explore the Depths of a Berlin Bunker

A little bit uncanny, a little bit exciting, and definitely also very entertaining: Get to know each other a little bit better on a bunker tour in the Berlin underground. The team of Berliner Unterwelten e.V. offers a great choice of interesting tours around Berlin’s most secretive places such as bunkers, tunnels, basements, and flak tours. Tours are also available in English. More Info.

Catch a Show at Friedrichsstadtpalast

Friedrichsstadtpalast is always a good idea, first date or not. The ever-changing shows are a festival of sight and sound, the building is impressive on the inside, and there is also a good restaurant for a meal. Of course, there are also plenty of restaurants nearby.

Try Some Petting in the Park

At beautiful Bürgerpark Pankow, visitors can enjoy a great mix of architecture and sculptures. The park is also home to a small petting zoo. To top it off, the small river Panke crosses the park, and then there is also a park cafe which serves fresh coffee and yummy snacks.

Lots of great date ideas in Berlin in this post. Did you find what you were looking for?

Lots of great date ideas in Berlin in this post. Did you find what you were looking for?

Bonus: Romantic Hotels in Berlin

No matter whether Berlin will be your destination of choice for a weekend trip, or if you are an expat in the city and looking for a place to spend the night, there are some great accommodation options for a romantic night away.

SO/ Berlin Das Stue: Beautifully decorated five-star hotel with comfy bathtubs and a sensational breakfast in the morning. Click here for further information and booking facilities. (Affiliate Link)

Hotel Adlon Kempinski: Traditional luxury hotel in best location just across from Brandenburg Gate. Generous classic rooms and suites. Click here for further information and booking facilities. (Affiliate Link)

Lulu Guldsmeden: New hotel with a touch of Scandinavian hygge (cosiness) and individual floor plans for each room.  Click here for further information and booking facilities. (Affiliate Link)

Need more help finding the right accommodation in Berlin? Check out our Berlin Neighbourhood and Accommodation Guide.

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