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Santa Ana Volcano
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Travellers share their most dangerous travel destinations and what they were really like

I just love Instagram. Nothing can send me off dreaming quicker than my one-minute fix of scrolling through my newsfeed. You can see the most amazing places on Instagram: the well-known touristy spots, the backpacker destinations, the off-the-beaten-path corners of this world. Recently, a lot of pictures of places like Iran and...

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18 March
Shutters, saints and umbrellas
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The many faces of Rome (in 24 photos)

I love walking the streets of a city. It is the perfect way to not just see a destination, but to actually see a destination. Walking is my way of discovering and exploring a city with all its facets. The noises, the people. The smells, the flows. The great unknown behind...

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08 March
Beautiful colours
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Highlights of the Vatican Museums

Visiting the Vatican Museums is a bit like spending the day at Disneyland. The sheer amount of artwork, beauty and splendour is simply overwhelming, just like the fun and cuteness at Disneyland can be a bit overwhelming for anyone over 25. A single visit of these halls is definitely not sufficient...

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07 March