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Happiness and Things started out as a Sydney travel blog but has since matured into my creative outlet on destinations all around the world. It is my mission to tell my readers stories that they will remember. I want to take them places and inspire them to go out and explore for themselves.

My articles go deeper than just my own personal experiences with a destination. I want to explore histories and cultural backgrounds and I want to look into how travel to a certain destination changes my perception of the world and myself in it.

Travel photography is an essential part of this, as visual storytelling is as powerful as any text composed of words.

My focus is on beautiful places that make your heart leap. Sensual experiences that will stay with you forever. Hidden gems that are yet to be included in the canon of the travel community. Happiness and Things is all about experiencing a destination with all our heart and soul. To take home memories that will last us forever.

About me

This is me: Almost 40, female, a mother of two with a healthy tendency to escapism, German by birth but after 13 years in Sydney now living in Málaga, Spain. Curious by nature. Food addict and dream chaser, photo ninja and wordsmith.

I love to write inspirational and informative stories about the places I have visited –

Australia, Samoa, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Germany, Paris, Italy, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Greece, Malta, England, Scotland, Spain, New Zealand’s North Island.

Stats and Metrics

Since its inception at the end of 2014 Happiness and Things has grown steadily into one of the leading Australian based travel blogs. With a background in online marketing for the travel industry, I believe in blogger marketing as an essential part of any travel brand’s online marketing strategy. In my view, personal storytelling and authentic experiences are key to influencing a prospective buyer into trying out a new and unknown product.

Partners I have worked with have received coverage from me that goes way beyond the occasional social media post or the contracted blog post. When I believe in a product I offer a lifelong ambassadorship relationship that goes beyond the agreed campaign period.

Stats and metrics change all the time but as a ballpark figure here is what you can expect:

  • 15.000 sessions/month
  • 23.000 followers on 4 social media channels
  • 400 weekly newsletter subscribers


Happiness and Things has a long history of working with travel industry partners such as tourism boards, accommodation providers, restaurants, cruise operators, online booking sites and much more.

My readers are predominantly female, between 25 and 45 and live in Australia, the US, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK (but we are expecting a shift towards European and US markets in the future). Main interests include (in order) travel, food, and shopping. My readers have a sizeable income, may or may not have children (which doesn’t stop them from exploring the world), and come from an educated background. Happiness and Things’ followers want to look deeper into an attraction or a destination, they want to experience with all their senses and make smart decisions about how they want to spend their precious time and their money.

I provide a variety of services to help brands promote services and products targeted at the travel community.

Services include:

  • Content creation for provider websites and this blog,
  • destination photography,
  • product reviews,
  • link placements and advertising starting from just 150 EUR per article,
  • social media promotion.

We also run a German language blog for family travel,, and can provide additional exposure to the German-speaking market – please enquire for more information!

For further information on metrics and to discuss tailor-made campaigns for your brand, please contact me today on or use the contact form below.

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