The Amphitheatre in Italica
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Santiponce: Ruins Under Smoky Skies

My visit to Italica taught me to never ever underestimate a destination. I challenge you to visit a place first before you pass judgment. Why? Because in Italica, I almost made the mistake of dismissing the Roman sites - there are so many around the Mediterranean, you lose interest at...

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27 October
Duomo in Milan
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Offbeat places in and around Milan

Milan is the second largest city in Italy, after Rome, and enjoys the reputation of being the fashion capital, not only of the country but of the whole world as well. The city has many crowd-pulling spots, but unknown to all, most of its beauty lies hidden. To make your...

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25 October
Views from the Parasol in Seville
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A Hot Day in Seville

As I crossed the city of Seville on foot with my little pink suitcase in tow I thought that I must indeed be crazy. I had just arrived at Seville’s Central Station on a regular summer day. The mercury just hit 37 degrees and fleetingly I was wondering why the...

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23 October
The ruin of Muckross Abbey
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Notions About Time at Muckross Abbey

The air around us at Killarney National Park was heavy with moisture. The clouds were hanging from the sky, covering the landscape like a blanket, drowning all colours of the day. The first leaves had fallen, brave first messengers of autumn. Their shy yellow hues contrasted with the light evergreen of...

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20 October