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Christmas Gift Idea: Personalised Travel Wallet by JooJoobs

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In March of this year, we packed our bags and left Australia for Spain. A lot of things have happened since then. In fact, these last couple of months have gone so quickly it feels as if we had been back in Europe for a much longer time.

We love Europe. We love the fact that everything is so close together, relatively speaking. In the last couple of months alone I have visited more than a handful of countries: Germany and Spain, of course, but also Portugal, France, Ireland, and England (and I could add Gibraltar to that list too). In most cases, a passport was required – my German national ID has long expired and it’s currently the only way how I can move around freely within the EU.

What has bugged me for a long time is that I had no proper home for my passport. It doesn’t fit my wallet, yet you don’t want it to just sit in your hand luggage on its own. So when I was approached by JooJoobs a couple of weeks ago to test one of their beautiful personalised passport wallets, I was elated.

My new wallet in London

JooJoobs is a family of leathersmiths whose products range from travel wallets to travel journals, belts, mobile phone wallet cases and keychains. All of their products are made of premium leather with a distressed look – you can smell this distinctive rich leather smell the second you take the product out of the packaging.

All of their products can be personalised – you can choose from a range of symbols and fonts, add your most favourite travel quote or your name, your initials or a country flag, to make this wallet your very own piece. You can also choose between a natural tan or dark brown stitching.

When the personalised travel wallet arrived in my mailbox – it came so quickly, I was abroad and wasn’t even prepared to accept a delivery – I was excited to see that my order had been executed exactly the way I wanted.

When travelling to London last week to attend World Travel Market, I was proud to be standing in the passport control queue at Gatwick with my passport in my hand. The branding was clearly visible, and on the inside, there were even my initials, SE. The leather in my hand felt smooth and luxurious.

Having such a luxury item in my hands while travelling just added this little spark to the trip and added a smile to my face despite the annoying process of border controls. And while we were all standing in line, I had the opportunity to show off my blog’s brand a little bit.

JooJoobs Personalised Passport WalletSince the travel wallet is still new the leather is still quite rigid, and the passport sits very snuggly in the pocket. I am sure that over time it will be easier to let the passport slip in and out of the travel wallet – right now it requires a little bit of force, but not too much.

There are a number of options to choose from at JooJoobs. I went for the passport wallet that offered a pocket for my passport on one side, and a number of smaller slots for business or credit cards or banknotes on the other side. This actually saved my neck on my first day at WTM. I had forgotten to take along my business cards, but luckily I had an emergency stack right there in my brand-new travel wallet.

Now with Christmas just around the corner, this will make a great personalised gift. Here is the link to the product: JooJoobs Personalised Travel Wallets.

Please note: I was gifted this travel wallet by JooJoobs and asked to provide an honest review. All the opinions voiced in this article are my own.

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