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46 photos that will make you want to visit Mykonos now

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Normally, when I prepare an inspirational story for this blog, I start by going through the pictures that I have taken on the trip. This serves two major purposes. One, it helps me get back into the scene – the sights, the smells, the emotions – and second, it helps me remember those little details that I have forgotten since my return. It’s like going on vacation all over again. It’s beautiful.

When I prepared my post on Mykonos I did it exactly the same way. I usually take an insane amount of photos, so I have to dig through piles of snapshots to condense them down to a selection of the very best for the blog. However, this time around I faced a terrible problem.

Mykonos, the island of colour and the winds

You see, Mykonos is an insanely beautiful island. It is so picturesque, you could call it a supermodel under the Greek islands. The colours on a bright summer’s day are so gorgeous that they require no further post-editing. Mykonos Town, Chania, is so pretty with its whitewashed houses, tiny lanes, and popping colours, you don’t know where to stop when taking photos. Everything seems supersized, drop-dead gorgeous, so beautiful that it hurts.

We spent just a day in Mykonos but I could easily see why people fall in love with the island. It’s a place for the European jetset. Yachts are gracing the marina, boutiques and art galleries are not even trying to lure people into their stores. There is not a single speck of dirt on the traffic-free roads, in the morning it is whisper quiet.

Our early morning stroll took us from the cruise port along the water through the tiny laneways of Chania’s old town. We discovered winding roads, so narrow that transport vehicles need to be extra slim. Sometimes even narrower due to the wooden exterior stairs that would lead to the second story of a building.

Sumptous carpets of colourful Bougainvillea, flowing down wooden balconies and draped over railings, perfectly adding colour to an otherwise dazzling white town. Past quaint Orthodox churches and all the way to the historic windmills which stand guard in the strong breezes that engulf this windy island. Along the Venetian Harbour with its restaurants and bars, the fisher boats mooring off the beach. A short encounter with one of the resident pelicans, a view of the beachgoers and swimmers near the marina.

A perfect Greek summer’s day. Precious memories, forever cherished.

Here are another 45 photos to illustrate the story

Luxury Yacht in MykonosWalking to Mykonos TownMykonosVenetian HarbourA small Orthodox churchBoutique owners preparing for the day aheadOld blue lanternA road in Mykonos TownWooden doors and an old fountainBeautiful display of pink flowersTypical street scene in MykonosMorning walk in MykonosColours popping in front of whitewashed wallsMykonos townStairs in a lanewayExterior stairs and flower covered balconiesTypical road in the old town of HoraBlue and white in MykonosApricot coloured flowers and chairsNarrow lanes of the old townInscriptions in GreekChurch in MykonosWhite and blue, the traditional Greek coloursOld churchWhitewashed wall and blue doorWindmills from afarA happy travel bloggerWindy side of MykonosHeritage WindmillsMykonos windmills and souvenir shopBlue gateTypical houses in MykonosResident pelican in MykonosColourful wooden balconies and stairwaysGreek orthodox churchTypical scene in HoraCat sleeping under blue chairsMassive Bougainvillea providing shadePink Bougainvillea in MykonosSpecial delivery truck in the old townThe Venetian harbourBlue water, picture perfectSwimming at the beach in MykonosMykonos townTraditional fishing boats

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