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Seaside dining the Americas’ way – Deck Bar & Dining Dee Why

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Passionfruit Vanilla Pisco

As a Northern Beaches girl I am of course familiar with The Deck in Dee Why. I have visited before and I have always enjoyed the relaxed, beach-y atmosphere as well as the good food and drink. It’s my local joint, so to speak, very much the embodiment of what I understand by the term “Northern Beaches”.

A friendly, local place, heavily influenced by surfer culture, beach style and a relaxed savoir-vivre. Just look at the design, the artwork and the music played – all locally sourced from artists that totally get the Beaches.

From the way I see it, you won’t find showing off and pretentious behaviour here; people just drop in and enjoy the company of their friends. From the day bed to the suspended egg chairs overlooking the Strand and the beach, this place is just perfect for a Friday night out.

Deck Bar & Dining really is a local institution on the Northern Beaches, but if you live on the other side of the Bridge you may never have heard of it. Which is a shame, because I am sure you will love it as much as I do. From last week’s press event I can tell that newbies from other areas of Sydney who were invited over to test the venue were easily won over thanks to the friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by owner Steve Buckles.

Day Bed with Beach Views

The Deck is all about fresh, zesty and spicy food from the Americas. This is not just limited to Mexico, mind you. You will find on the menu Buffalo Wings as well as Empanadas, and the $7 Tacos on Taco Tuesdays are to die for. Coriander, chili, lime, avocado, coconut… these are the flavours that are dominating the menu at the Deck, be it for Sunday breakfast, or anyday lunch & dinner.

At the press event last week we were treated to some really special delicacies. Take for example the Salmon Ceviche, freshly prepared right in front of our eyes. The salmon was first cured in Pisco, a Peruvian speciality made of distilled Peruvian grapes, then tossed with tomato, coriander, Spanish onion and chili. Served with tostadas, this is a beautifully fresh dish that is great for sharing.

Chips & Ceviche

I also tried the Empanadas, these pockets of pastry filled with spiced mince and boiled egg. So tasty and heartwarming, I had to find myself a second serve to double the satisfaction.

Another must-try which can be found on the Deck’s breakfast menu is the Young Coconut Fruit Salsa. Served in a real coconut, this delicious fruit salad is a mix of young coconut flesh, lychee, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit, rounded off with a spiced orange lime syrup. If this fruity bomb won’t wake you up in the morning, nothing will. I am normally not so keen on fruit punches and salads, but this one just seemed to disappear right before my eyes as I just couldn’t stop eating. A wonderfully fresh, flavourful bowl of goodness.

Young Coconut Fruit Salsa

When it comes to drinks, Pisco Sour is definitely something you need to try. A very straightforward drink that is so zesty and fruity, just a perfect accompaniment to a night out by the beach. And if that’s a bit too sour for you, I suggest you try the Passionfruit & Vanilla Pisco Sour instead, which is a lot smoother and equally wonderful.

The Deck Bar & Dining, a beautiful seaside bar with casual dining – if you are not a local, make sure you find your way up the Beaches soon and treat yourself to some truly delicious, wonderfully fresh food and drink in a relaxed beach-side atmosphere.

The Deck Bar & Dining, 2/23 The Strand, Dee Why.

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Deck Bar - beachy feel

Drinks Menu

Adding Flavour to the smoothie

Owner Steve mixing drinks

I love Deck Bar Dee Why Pumpkins

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Yummy food at the Deck Bar

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  • James | Nov 6, 2015 at 9:21

    Empanadas is amazing! Thanks for showing us around the Deck and Bar. I’m thinking of visiting in December!

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