Outriggers on display in St. Joseph’s Bay, Isle of Pines

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I have thought for quite some time about whether or not I should write this blog post, considering that there is not so much to say and only four photos to show. But then, wouldn’t you want to see these lovely pictures? Right, I thought so! So let me give you the straight facts about this, and then you can decide whether or not it was worthwhile reading this short post.

The Isle of Pines is part of New Caledonia, which is a French overseas territory in the South Pacific. It’s probably one of the most beautiful places on earth you can visit – I kid you not. You will find everything here that you would expect from a gorgeous tropical destination, including warm water, golden beaches and friendly people. But there is so much more.

If you think about touring the island, then make sure you stop by at this little place here which is called the St. Joseph’s Bay, or in French, Baie de Saint-Joseph. It’s a wide open bay, located around two kilometres from Kutu village. The water here shimmers in the most beautiful shades of blues, from turquoise to baby blue.

Fringed by palm trees and the famous pine trees that give the island its name, it is like a paradise on Earth. All around this wide bay are small coral islands, making it an ideal fishing ground for the local fishermen. It’s a stunning place, one that will take your breath away. But then, so are many other places around the Isle of Pines.

What makes the Bay of St. Joseph special is the display of outrigger canoes that you will find here. In French, they are called pirogues.

Outrigger canoes are a vital part of the local people’s way of life, who very much try to keep their traditional customs alive. Today, these canoes are a curious mix of traditional designs and materials combined with modern fishing nets and outboard motors.

St. Joseph Bay is the shipyard for these wood carved boats, if you will, so if you are lucky you will see some men at work building one of these extraordinary vessels. You can also start an excursion from St. Joseph Bay in one of the outrigger canoes to Upi Bay, a popular tourist destination on the Isle of Pines.

There’s much more to see and do on the Isle of Pines. If you want to read more, just head to the Elite Travel Blog, where I recently published a guest post on 5 Amazing Things to do on the Isle of Pines.

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