Outback here I come!

Did someone say ‘Big giant rock’?

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Dear Readers,

It’s time to take a break. A break from blogging, and a break from Sydney. But only for a short while! I am leaving the Big Smoke behind for some big Outback adventures! So for the next two weeks there will be only occasional posts while I am, for most of the time, outside of any reasonable mobile reception, somewhere in the Northern Territory. But… if you want to follow my journey please make sure you subscribe to my Twitter and Instagram accounts today!

We will start our adventure in Alice Springs.

With two kids under 8 in a camper van, and some 3,400km of dusty highway ahead of us – what can possibly go wrong?

Stay tuned!


Outback here I come!

Silke Elzner

AUTHOR - Silke Elzner

Hello! My name is Silke. Happiness and Things is a travelogue about amazing European destinations and beautiful places around the world. I believe that beauty is even in the smallest things and I want to inspire you to see the world differently. Read more about it here.

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